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Why our #SexualHealthManifesto Matters


- Natasha Dhumma, Head of Policy & Campaigns

Join us in asking local candidates to pledge their support...

Sexual health services must be properly funded to reach more women living with and at risk of HIV


Blog by Rosalie Hayes

The new HIV: women in the UK report by Public Health England, Sophia Forum and Terrence...

Political leadership is key to securing Fast Track Cities goals


By Victoria Grandsoult 1, Jenny Vaughan 2, Kat Smithson 3, Cristina Bernardo 1, Ricardo Baptista Leite 1...

Here's what NAT is doing to fight HIV stigma. Want to help out?


There are now over 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK. Thanks to effective treatment and public campaigns,...

I got turned away from a tattooist because I was living with HIV - here's why I support NAT.


Last week, we joined forces with the British HIV Association, the British Association


Chris Hicks

How we’re stopping unlawful health questions in care sector recruitment


The Equality Act 2010 was a landmark piece of legislation bringing together anti-discrimination law into a single Act and...


How one nurse’s experience of stigma at work led to change for all healthcare workers living with HIV


Today the UK Advisory Panel on Healthcare Workers Living with Blood Borne Viruses (UKAP)[i]...

HIV, PrEP, and the Right to Health


This blog was originally published on HuffPost.

It is seven years since PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) – the drug taken...

Kat Smithson

Put words into action on prevention and fund public health


80 organisations from across the health sector have issued a consensus statement telling the Government to fund...