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It’s time to paint a fuller picture on HIV in 2021


By Kat Smithson

Forty years after the first cases of HIV-related illnesses and deaths, knowledge and understanding...

Drugs: how much longer can the Government ignore the evidence?


By Calum Douglas

Last year we welcomed the publication of the first report of Dame Carole Black’s...

Health and care services must better support people ageing with HIV


By Cheryl Gowar

In the UK, we are fast approaching the time when over half the population living with...

Why migrants living with HIV must be part of the solution to improving HIV health outcomes among those born abroad


By Charity Nyirenda

Migrants living with HIV must be involved in research and initiatives wanting to understand and...

Why migrants are a key population in the UK’s response to HIV


By Tamara Manuel

In 2019, 62% of all new HIV diagnoses in the UK were among migrants.[1] People born abroad...

Maurice Greenham long-term HIV survivor, diagnosed in 1980s.

"When I was diagnosed with HIV, it didn't have that name yet" - speaking to Maurice Greenham on 40th anniversary of AIDS


Maurice Greenham speaks to Sean O’Neill, National AIDS Trust’s Community Engagement Officer, about living with HIV long-term as we mark 40...

HIV Commission: six months on


By Deborah Gold, Chief Executive National AIDS Trust, Anne Aslett, Chief Executive Elton John AIDS Foundation & Ian Green, Chief Executive Terrence...

Changes to blood donation rules explained


By Kat Smithson, Director of Policy 

Today the Government announced rule changes that will allow more gay...

World Immunization Week: what’s important for people living with HIV?


By Laura Waters  

During World Immunization Week one year ago, the question on everyone’s lips was when...

Institutional, structural, and systemic racism are real and have a role in HIV


By Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of National AIDS Trust

I am deeply troubled by the Commission on Race and Ethnic...