Discrimination Advice

Discrimination Helpline for HIV support staff

National AIDS Trust helps HIV support services and others working with people living with HIV to challenge discrimination experienced by their clients.

We will:

  • Talk through a situation which you think may be discrimination
  • Tailor advice on how the law applies to the facts of a specific case, such as:
    • whether or not a particular course of conduct is likely to amount to discrimination
    • what type of discrimination is in play, and the relevant legal principles, exemptions and exceptions
  • Signpost to additional sources of advice and support
  • Support with drafting letters of complaint
  • Advice on taking legal action[i]

The information provided through this service is informed by advice from our legal partners at Deighton Pierce Glynn and Leigh Day.


Please email casework.support@nat.org.uk with a brief description of the situation which you would like advice on. Please do not include any personal details of the individual you are supporting unless you seek their consent before writing to us.

You can also call us on 020 7814 6767

This helpline is for staff and volunteers at HIV support services.   

If you are an individual living with HIV who has experienced discrimination, please contact your local HIV support service or THT Direct first.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are aware that many people living with HIV will be seeking advice on their rights at work and when accessing services. We encourage you to first contact your local HIV support service or THT Direct for advice, but we may be able to help if you are unable to access advice elsewhere. We are also regularly updating our website with information about COVID-19 and HIV here.

[i] Please note that we cannot guarantee legal representation for your client nor can we fund legal fees.

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