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Alessandro Ceccarelli.

Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli: “Every action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger movement towards a more just and inclusive society”


A key figure of the Fast Track Cymru initiative in Wales, NAT trustee Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli is the former Head...

Ant Babajee

Ant Babajee “Our voices are most clearly heard when we work together”


Diagnosed with HIV in 2007 and describing himself as ‘unashamedly undetectable’, Ant Babajee is a former BBC journalist, award-winning activist,...

Charity Kase

Charity Kase: "Drag helped me project what I felt after my HIV diagnosis out into the world as something positive and productive"


Charity Kase – “one of East London’s edgiest drag queens” - is known for her extravagant, sometimes disturbing, always hugely...

Dan Fluskey

Welcome progress, but time to start doing things differently – what next for the HIV response in the UK


By Daniel Fluskey 

Ensuring there are high quality, equitable, and sustainable HIV and sexual health services across the UK has...

We all deserve to be treated with respect. And Pride gives people a platform


By Rebecca Tallon de Havilland

I started my transition in the 1980s. I was in my 20s. Almost straight away...

Alan ONeill

Equal HIV Fertility Rights gave me my dreams back


I come from a large, close-knit family. As the eldest of four children, with more than 30 cousins, I grew...

Adam Freedman

Equal HIV fertility rights are coming – the upcoming General Election should not be an obstacle


By Adam Freedman 

Earlier this month, we were delighted when the Government announced it was laying before Parliament...

Adam Freedman

People living with and at risk of acquiring HIV in Northern Ireland deserve equal protection from discrimination


By Adam Freedman

The UK should be proud of much of our equality legislation, which is designed to protect individuals...

Dr Chloe Orkin

LGBT+ History Month: Q&A with Professor Chloe Orkin


Professor Chloe Orkin is Professor of Infection and Inequities at the Queen Mary University of London and has been a...

Kat Smithson

HIV is not a crime: Reflecting on ten years of working on HIV criminalisation


By Kat Smithson

As I enter my last week working at National AIDS Trust, and with today marking international HIV...