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Forty years have passed since the first deaths from AIDS-related illnesses and much has changed.

Effective prevention and treatment are now freely available, so we don’t live under the same cloud of fear. We can even see a possible end to new cases by 2030. But the battle is far from over. People living with HIV continue to be viewed negatively and discrimination remains rife. Our community are more likely to live in poverty, be unemployed, be lonely and experience mental ill health.

Forty years on, we still fight daily for equality. Equality in the workplace, in education, in access to products and services, in care homes, and even in healthcare. We tackle this head-on, going straight to the heart of the issues, changing policies, practices, laws and public opinion.

Established in 1987, the National AIDS Trust has been the driving force behind numerous key successes often undertaking significant work behind the scenes. Our 100 Club champions support these wins and are on the inside track of creating systemic change.

100 Club supporters invest a minimum of £2,500 per annum or £200 a month. 

"I find it difficult to believe that in this day and age that there is still stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. National AIDS Trust are getting the message out there about tackling stigma and that's why I donate to them. Stigma and discrimination will die out - the question is how long before it does."

- Roger, National AIDS Trust Donor 

Our expertise, research and advocacy secure the leadership, resources and focus to make sustainable change for everyone living with or at risk of HIV. We act as a catalyst and work closely with allies, maximising our impact.

For example, we are the reason:

  • PrEP, the HIV prevention medication, is available for free on the NHS.

  • Pre-employment health questionnaires are illegal – so employers can’t decide whether to offer a job based on HIV status.

  • HIV is recognised as a disability, leading to a host of legal protections.
  • Welfare benefit assessments can take into account fluctuating conditions such as HIV.

  • The NHS and Home Office no longer share data for immigration tracing purposes.

  • More new mothers can access free formula milk to avoid HIV transmission, including in Manchester and other areas.
  • There is an end to the discriminatory lifetime ban and subsequent restrictions on gay and bisexual men donating blood.

  • Individual income protection policies are available for people living with HIV and rules that perpetuate HIV stigma in insurance services have been removed. 

Will you join The 100 Club today?

By joining the 100 Club, you will be on the inside track of change. We’ll work closely with you ensuring you have key information from ‘behind the scenes’ and have knowledge of the inner workings of how we are changing policies and practices to create systemic change. You’ll be the first to hear about our successes, hearing from policy and influencing experts.

You’ll also get early access to our reports and publications, invites to events, and you’ll be welcomed to networking opportunities with other 100 Club supporters.
We’ll thank you publicly on our website and in our annual accounts unless you’d prefer your support to remain confidential.

Please contact our Partnerships and Philanthropy Specialist,
 Chris Dye (020 7814 6726) for more information, download our The 100 Club - Case for Support or make a donation here.

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