We’re calling on you to challenge discriminatory laws which stop many LGBT+ people living with HIV from starting a family. It only takes a few minutes to write to your MP, to call for equal HIV fertility rights now!

Current law stops people living with HIV from donating gametes (sperm and eggs), even though those on effective treatment can’t pass HIV on. The law is not backed up by science and is discriminatory.

Help us remove this inequality and give everyone living with HIV the chance to start a family.

Send a letter to your MP calling on the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to use his existing legal powers to change the law.

You can support our work for HIV rights by donating or becoming a regular donor

Contact our fundraising team to request free materials, including a box of 100 red ribbons, the global symbol of HIV awareness. Email fundraising@nat.org.uk or complete the order form here.

Noel's story

Andrew's story

"The whole thing just feels so outdated. I’m on treatment that means the HIV in my body is undetectable and I can’t pass it on, so this law doesn’t even need to exist. I was being told I can’t have my own biological child when there’s no reason for it. It feels like the government is practically forcing infertility on LGBT+ people living with HIV".

Read Andrew's story here