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COVID-19 BAME Inquiry could be a turning point for health inequalities. We cannot let it be undermined


By Natasha Dhumma, Head of Policy & Campaigns, NAT

On Friday it was revealed that Trevor Phillips had been...

Cheryl Gower

What should be the priority in World Immunization Week?


By Cheryl Gowar 

This is World Immunization Week. As the number of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 moves closer to...

Katy Sharrock

Recommendations on Sexual Health Services and COVID-19: the HIV perspective


By Katy Sharrock

The Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), British HIV Association (BHIVA), and the British Association for...

Migrants living with HIV during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


By Tamara Manuel

At National AIDS Trust we have long drawn attention to the barriers that migrants...

COVID-19: An unreasonable employer


By Rosalie Hayes

Last week we published some general information for employees living with HIV in response to...

COVID-19: Employment advice for people living with HIV


by Rosalie Hayes

In response to queries from individuals living with HIV and our colleagues in the sector, we have...

Cheryl Gower

Providing coordinated care for people living with HIV


by Cheryl Gowar

“People living with HIV aren't separating things into this is the diabetic doctor, this is the cardiologist......

Islamophobia: Why Prevent is a barrier to HIV prevention


by Natasha Dhumma

The Prevent duty is part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, aiming to prevent the radicalisation of individuals...

Islamophobia and health inequalities


by Natasha Dhumma

The Muslim community in the UK experiences a range of health inequalities compared with the wider population....