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Integrating HIV healthcare: before and after COVID-19


By Cheryl Gowar, Policy & Campaigns Manager

The delivery of healthcare is perhaps one of the most obvious ways that...

The Government must tackle health inequalities if they truly believe Black Lives Matter


By Natasha Dhumma, Head of Policy & Campaigns and Rosalie Hayes, Senior Policy & Campaigns Officer

The arrival of...

Kat Smithson

We must be ambitious in our action on HIV during the COVID-19 crisis


By Kat Smithson, Director of Policy

Beyond the number of people dying, COVID-19 compounds inequalities that lead to poorer health...

Why access to mental health services needs to be consistent across the country


By Natasha Dhumma, Head of Policy & Campaigns 

Poor mental health is significantly more common among people living with HIV...

COVID-19: Keeping your HIV status confidential from your employer while shielding


By Rosalie Hayes, Senior Policy & Campaigns Officer

In the third edition of our series of blog posts relating to...

COVID-19 BAME Inquiry could be a turning point for health inequalities. We cannot let it be undermined


By Natasha Dhumma, Head of Policy & Campaigns, NAT

On Friday it was revealed that Trevor Phillips had been...

Cheryl Gower

What should be the priority in World Immunization Week?


By Cheryl Gowar 

This is World Immunization Week. As the number of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 moves closer to...

Katy Sharrock

Recommendations on Sexual Health Services and COVID-19: the HIV perspective


By Katy Sharrock

The Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), British HIV Association (BHIVA), and the British Association for...

Migrants living with HIV during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


By Tamara Manuel

At National AIDS Trust we have long drawn attention to the barriers that migrants...

COVID-19: An unreasonable employer


By Rosalie Hayes

Last week we published some general information for employees living with HIV in response to...