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Integrating HIV healthcare: before and after COVID-19


By Cheryl Gowar, Policy & Campaigns Manager

The delivery of healthcare is perhaps one of the most obvious ways that...

How we put sexual health on the election agenda with our Twitter Day of Action


Today we held a live Q&A session on Twitter for prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) to discuss what their party is...

Political leadership is key to securing Fast Track Cities goals


By Victoria Grandsoult 1, Jenny Vaughan 2, Kat Smithson 3, Cristina Bernardo 1, Ricardo Baptista Leite 1...

HIV, PrEP, and the Right to Health


This blog was originally published on HuffPost.

It is seven years since PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) – the drug taken...

Kat Smithson

Put words into action on prevention and fund public health


80 organisations from across the health sector have issued a consensus statement telling the Government to fund...

Kat Smithson

The NHS long-term plan is a missed opportunity on prevention. The Spending Review must not be.


In November Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, called the additional £20.5bn announced for the...

Yusef Azad

The People Vs The NHS – are we still fighting for PrEP?


Do we have PrEP in England?  Well, yes and no. We have the PrEP Impact trial which currently has...


Calling all teachers! Schools resources for World AIDS Day 2017 now available.


Our World AIDS Day resources are great tools to help you educate your students about HIV on December 1st....

Kat Smithson

Don’t quit while ahead but invest to build on HIV prevention successes


In two years, investment in community based HIV prevention decreased by over a third in London. This coincided with significant...