Empowering a new generation: HIV and young gay men

It has been thirty years since the HIV virus was discovered, and despite great progress, more people are contracting HIV in the UK than ever before. In addition, as was true at the start of the epidemic, it is still gay men who are disproportionately affected. Worryingly, diagnoses among young gay men have doubled in 10 years. The lack of progress in reducing HIV transmissions is unacceptable, and urgently requires renewed leadership from local and national government.

Give young MSM the education they deserve

Last week we published the results of a nationwide survey of young men who are attracted to other men. The results are stark and telling of the current situation which many young gay men find themselves in: bullied at school; a curriculum which does not or did not meet their needs; and a poor understanding of HIV. All these factors add up to a fertile environment for HIV transmission-risk behavior.

Success of Petition to End HIV Discrimination in Schools

Publication date

Monday, August 3, 2009
Over 1500 people signed up to National AIDS Trust’s (NAT) petition calling on the Government to ensure that no child or teacher is discriminated against in school because of their HIV status. After two years of campaigning this petition, which secured hundreds of supporters, played a key role in making the Government take notice. In response to the petition, the Government provided a detailed response and agreed to work with NAT on the issue.

SRE Supplementary Advice published: NAT comments.

Publication date

Friday, February 28, 2014
Deborah Jack, chief executive, NAT (National AIDS Trust) response to the publishing of supplementary advice for schools on SRE for the 21st Century by the Sex Education Forum, Brook and the PSHE Association: “NAT welcomes this important piece of guidance for schools, which is an crucial step towards ensuring that young people receive a comprehensive education around the issues of consent, pornography and healthy relationships.