NAT supports LGA calls for the Government to reverse cuts to public health

Publication date

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Local Government Association (LGA) today warned that sexual health services are at 'tipping point' as significant increases in demand have coincided with dramatic cuts in the public health budget.

NAT’s recently published data from FOI requests to all UK local authorities, shows that HIV prevention services are also suffering hugely as a result of these cuts to the public health budget. In areas with a high prevalence of HIV, NAT found that funding for prevention was down by almost a third in just two years.

What Has the Chancellor Got Against Sexual Health?

On the election of the Conservative Government in 2015 the Chancellor announced plans for further cuts to public expenditure. Yes, there would be cuts of £200million to the Department of Health budget but he assured us these cuts were to 'non-NHS spending'.