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People living with HIV should have the same rights to start a family as everyone else. Current law means many people living with HIV in the UK are barred from accessing fertility treatment. We are calling on the government to end this ban and ensure equality for people living with HIV. 

Heterosexual couples where one or both partners live with HIV are allowed to access fertility treatment. However, people living with HIV who wish to use a surrogate, or LGBT couples where a woman living with HIV wishes to have her egg implanted in her female partner, are prevented from doing so as their eggs and sperm are considered ‘donor’ gametes rather than partner gametes. Under European law, there is an outright ban on anyone living with HIV being able to donate eggs or sperm.

We believe this is both wrong – and unlawful.

We are fighting to change the rules so that people living with HIV can donate eggs or sperm to their partner, a consenting surrogate, or to friends or family members wishing to start a family. There is zero risk of transmitting HIV. We believe current laws are outdated and discriminatory. 

You can read more about why are we doing this here.

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Noel's story

"I’d like to be a parent like anyone else- my motivations are no more different than the rest of the world. I’d love to be a parent. It’s just something that I’d like to do, it's not all that unusual. The law stops me from having the future that I would want, with a family."

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Andrew's story

"The whole thing just feels so outdated. I’m on treatment that means the HIV in my body is undetectable and I can’t pass it on, so this law doesn’t even need to exist. I was being told I can’t have my own biological child when there’s no reason for it. It feels like the government is practically forcing infertility on LGBT+ people living with HIV". 

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