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Yusef Azad

National HIV prevention - grateful for small mercies?


Some readers will recall the campaign NAT led at the end of 2014 to prevent national HIV prevention spending being...

Kat Smithson

Why is tackling stigma so difficult?


For many in HIV advocacy addressing stigma is the Holy Grail.

Yusef Azad

PrEP: Further delay, further HIV transmissions


NAT responds to the Government announcement of a NICE Evidence review on PrEP


NAT Success: Shining a light on drug related deaths


In 2014 3,346 people across England and Wales died because they had a drug overdose. This is the highest number...

Kat Smithson

LGBT young people are saying #WeExist in sex education


In early 2015 we wrote to David Cameron ahead of the General Election to ask his party to support statutory...

Sarah Radcliffe

What does the PrEP decision mean for heterosexuals?


In March, NHS England announced it was pulling the plug on an 18 month process to decide whether or not...

Yusef Azad

PrEP - What went wrong? What should happen?


Rarely has a u-turn, rarely has a breach of trust, been so misleadingly announced. Reading NHS England’s press release, ‘Update...


A ‘formula for success’ to support mothers living with HIV


Reducing new HIV infections has been a priority in the UK ever since the epidemic’s outbreak. It’s taken so seriously...

Suzi Price

Setback in the battle for SRE


Yesterday, Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education, wrote a letter to fellow conservative MP, Neil Carmichael, outlining why...

Sarah Radcliffe

Benefit cuts: it’s all in the detail


This Wednesday the House of Lords will be voting on two vitally important amendments to the Welfare Reform and Work...