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Yusef Azad

Should we worry about the effect of PrEP on STI rates?


One argument you see amongst those critical or worried about the introduction of PrEP is that it will result in...

We must seize this opportunity to bring SRE to all young people


February has been LGBT History Month, and this year’s theme, ‘PSHE, Law and Citizenship’, reflects historical achievements (2017...

Highest ever drug misuse deaths


Following the news that Glasgow will open the first safe injecting rooms in the UK, Daniel Vincent asks if we’re...

Kat Smithson

Now I have your attention…let’s talk about stigma


“It is time for us to step up and acknowledge that stigma and discrimination still act as the greatest barrier...

Sarah Radcliffe

Why Doesn’t NHS England Want to Be Responsible for Preventing HIV?


In March 2015, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, announced the first national diabetes prevention programme. Reflecting on the...

Yusef Azad

National HIV prevention - grateful for small mercies?


Some readers will recall the campaign NAT led at the end of 2014 to prevent national HIV prevention spending being...

Kat Smithson

Why is tackling stigma so difficult?


For many in HIV advocacy addressing stigma is the Holy Grail.

Yusef Azad

PrEP: Further delay, further HIV transmissions


NAT responds to the Government announcement of a NICE Evidence review on PrEP


NAT Success: Shining a light on drug related deaths


In 2014 3,346 people across England and Wales died because they had a drug overdose. This is the highest number...

Kat Smithson

LGBT young people are saying #WeExist in sex education


In early 2015 we wrote to David Cameron ahead of the General Election to ask his party to support statutory...