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MEDFASH: HIV for non-HIV specialists: Diagnosing the undiagnosed

December 2016

MEDFASH: National Clinical Audit of STIs and HIV: Feasibility Study Report

March 2016

MEDFASH: HIV in Primary Care: A practical guide for primary healthcare professional in Europe

January 2016

MEDFASH: Sexual health commissioning in local government: building strong relationships, meeting local needs

June 2015

MEDFASH: Making it work: A guide to whole system commissioning for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV

March 2015

MEDFASH: Halving late diagnosis of HIV: a toolkit for local action

July 2014

MEDFASH: Novel approaches to testing for sexually transmitted infections including HIV and hepatitis B and C in Europe

November 2012

MEDFASH: Psychological support for adults living with HIV

January 2011

MEDFASH: HIV testing: increasing uptake and effectiveness in the European Union

December 2010

MEDFASH: Sex and our city: Achieving better sexual health services for London

November 2008

MEDFASH: London sexual health indicators: A data-driven needs assessment

November 2008

MEDFASH: 10 High Impact Changes for Genitourinary Medicine 48-hour Access

December 2006

MEDFASH: Recommended standards for sexual health services

March 2005

MEDFASH: Recommended standards for NHS HIV services

January 2003

MEDFASH: Networking for quality in HIV treatment and care

January 2002