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Statement: Travelling with medication

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Media reports that some airlines are requesting documentation confirming not just what medication people take, but why, have generated understandable concern. 

Cheryl Gowar, Senior Policy and Research Manager at National AIDS Trust, said:

“Some airlines guidelines could make people feel forced to talk about their HIV status just to bring their medication onto a flight. At the very least this creates real anxiety for people, particularly those who may be travelling with friends or family who don’t know their HIV status. This is totally unnecessary and will exclude some people from flying.”

“It’s also not practical. Not all medications are prescribed by GPs. HIV medication often won’t show up on GP records or on apps linked to them. We urge airlines to rethink these guidelines and ensure they are inclusive for people living with HIV. Flying is stressful enough, and people living with HIV shouldn’t have to face these additional worries at the airport.”

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