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Statement: Fractional dosing for Monkeypox

Monday, August 22, 2022

UKHSA has announced that they are exploring fractional dosing for Monkeypox.

Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of National AIDS Trust, said:

“We welcome UKHSA’s exploration of fractional dosing for Monkeypox. If rolled-out, this will increase the number of at-risk people getting a monkeypox vaccine, and should mean the supplies the UK has will meet immediate need, helping to address global vaccine supply issues.”

“ Progress on vaccine supply alone is not enough to support overburdened sexual health services, which aren’t being given the support they need to work on both monkeypox, HIV prevention and STIs. We’re hearing of waiting times climbing for the HIV prevention drug, PrEP, which is unacceptable. We’re calling on the government to increase support for sexual health clinics to ensure efforts to end HIV transmissions aren’t derailed as an effect of monkeypox. If action isn’t taken urgently, we will see more people diagnosed with HIV.”