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Review of the National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV published today the review of the National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV, authored by MedFASH. The report outlines changes in the external environment, what aspects of the strategy have been achieved, the barriers to implementation, and makes recommendations for further action.

Commenting on the review Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of the National AIDS Trust said:

“The National AIDS Trust welcomes this strategy review. The report shows the extent of health and local government reform since the original strategy was published in 2001 and the need for fresh thinking and renewed efforts to effectively tackle sexual health and HIV. 

While real progress has been made in some areas of sexual health, in terms of HIV we have failed to reduce onward transmission and tackle the level of undiagnosed HIV effectively – and the stigma associated with HIV continues to be a major barrier to progress. We really hope this strategy review will be an important call to action at both national and local level.” 

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