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National AIDS Trust statement on Positive Voices survey of people living with HIV

Friday, January 12, 2024

Today the UK Heath Security Agency (UKHSA) published the latest edition of Positive Voices. This is the UK’s largest survey of people living with HIV, with over 4,500 people completing the survey.

Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of National AIDS Trust, said: “The findings from the Positive Voices survey are an important window into the way HIV impacts on the lives of people living with HIV and the wide-ranging inequalities that prevail. It is a vital resource that makes for stark reading. We must act on the insights to ensure people living with HIV can live their best lives. “It is simply not good enough that people living with HIV are experiencing poorer levels of wellbeing, care and happiness compared to others. It’s hugely concerning that there has been little improvement when it comes to health related quality of life, with worryingly high levels of anxiety and depression reported among people living with HIV. “We welcome the evidence in the report that people continue to experience a high level of satisfaction with their HIV care. However, further support must be accelerated as a matter of priority, in particular for communities who are experiencing worse outcomes. The findings are an urgent reminder of just how much work and funding is needed to address systemic challenges and barriers so that everyone living HIV can thrive."

Read more on the findings in this blog from Daniel Fluskey, our Director of Policy, Research and Influencing [link].

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