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Call for the European Union to prohibit discrimination against people living with HIV

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We the undersigned call upon the European Union to provide explicit protection from discrimination for people living with HIV from the point of diagnosis in the proposed Directive on implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

This Directive provides an important and welcome opportunity to establish consistent legal protections from discrimination for all EU citizens. However, the current proposal for the Directive makes no mention of people with HIV, despite the persistently high levels of stigma and discrimination they experience.   

The European Union has previously committed itself to combating discrimination against people living with HIV. The Dublin Declaration on Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia commits member states to

‘combat stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia, including through a critical review and monitoring of existing legislation, policies and practices with the objective of promoting the effective enjoyment of all rights for people living with HIV/AIDS and members of affected communities.’

This is reaffirmed in the Vilnius Declaration where there is a commitment to

‘continue to develop and implement relevant legislation, in particular with a view to prohibiting discrimination, inter alia in employment, on the grounds of HIV status ....’

Despite these commitments, disability-related provisions in EU equality law do not contain a definition of disability that explicitly includes HIV positive status. This leaves member states free either to protect or not to protect people living with HIV from discrimination from the point of diagnosis.

There are now over 700,000 people living with HIV across the EU, and this number is rising. We know that discrimination against people living with HIV is pervasive across all EU member states. The recent report from UNAIDS, undertaken by WHO Europe, on ‘Progress on Implementing the Dublin Declaration’ identifies continuing discrimination as a real challenge. The seminar report from the National AIDS Trust and AIDS Action Europe ‘Legislation and Judicial Systems in relation to HIV and AIDS’ [2007] highlights discrimination in provision of goods and services, employment, healthcare, data protection, family rights and the legal system. Such discrimination is a breach of fundamental human rights and is a significant barrier to an effective public health response to this epidemic.

The European Union must take definitive action to make a reality of the Dublin and Vilnus Declarations by ensuring that this new Directive explicitly and clearly outlaws discrimination against all people living with HIV across the EU from the point of diagnosis.

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