Virtual fundraising

Your donations make a real difference to the lives of people living with HIV

How to fundraise virtually for National AIDS Trust

This page gives you some virtual options to choose from to fundraise for us. You can be really creative with your fundraising. If you have a special skill or passion, sharing these with others is a great way to connect with people and can help raise vital funds for our work fighting for HIV rights and ending new HIV transmissions. 

A quiz fiend?

We have created a Big World AIDS Day Quiz pack for anybody who wants to host a quiz for their friends, family or colleagues. 

In the pack you will get the questions, answers, a host script, instructions for how to host the quiz on Zoom and many more exciting resources. 

Find out more about this opportunity by emailing our Community Fundraiser, James Shamtally.

A detective?

We've created our Whodunnit, a virtual murder mystery for the wannabe detectives out there! You'll host an event that gets your friends and family to immerse themselves in the lives and relationships of Henrietta Maria (Queen Mary) and her friends when they're invited to dinner at Hatfield House and one of the guests doesn't show up. Uncover clues, motives, suspects and secrets as you talk to the guests at the dinner party and try to work out 'whodunnit'?!

Our Whodunnit pack includes everything you need to host your event, including a personalised Whodunnit, the whodunnit answers, a hosting slideshow and detailed technology instructions. 

Email our Community Fundraiser, James Shamtally to find out more and get your pack!

A thrill seeker?

We have created a Big Around the World Escape pack for anybody who wants to host a virtual escape room for their friends, family or colleagues. Our Big World AIDS Day Escape will get your attendees involved in a spy chase around the world, following Agent Red's red ribbon clues to try and pass their spy assessment and become a spy master!

In the pack you will get a personalised virtual escape, the escape answers, a hosting slideshow, instructions for how to host the quiz on Zoom and other exciting resources. 

Find out more about this opportunity by emailing our Community Fundraiser, James Shamtally.

A bookworm?

If you love to read, you could host a book club with friends and family on a video call. You could ask them to donate the price of each book or donate the cost of a ticket to each book club event that you host. 
Your book club members will have the joy of supporting a charity that you care about and also get the chance to read some interesting books and discuss them with friends. 

A health enthusiast?

Can you set yourself a virtual running goal and ask people to sponsor you? Virtual runs are great if you are a keen runner or a novice who is enjoying getting out for a run at the moment! You can set yourself a goal distance to cover over a fortnight or a month and take your time to cover a great distance!

Challenge Events: We have a few places for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in April, you could join #TeamNAT and get people to sponsor your training and participation.

Email our Community Fundraiser, James Shamtally to find out more about this opportunity.

An online auction addict?

We have our own eBay page that allows generous donors to sell their old stuff and donate some, or all, of the proceeds to National AIDS Trust in three easy steps: 

  1. Sell your item, using the ‘Advanced Sell’ form on eBay
  2. Look out for the charity box below where you set your price - search for National AIDS Trust and select our page. You can even choose what percentage of your final selling price will be donated to National AIDS Trust
  3. Three weeks after your item sells, Paypal will automatically collect the donation from you
Find out more about how to use eBay for Charity here.

A conscious consumer?

Do you find yourself online browsing to pass the time and would love for anything you bought to help out a charity?

We have teamed up with Kindred to enable you to find deals whilst online shopping AND collect money to donate to us!

All you have to do is find the shop you want to buy from on Kindred's site and donate your earnings, which you will collect automatically when you shop. 

A foodie?

If you love to bake or cook, could you hold an online cooking class for friends, family and colleagues? You could suggest that they donate the value of a meal out with you!

In times where we all need a little more connection with each other, cooking alongside others (even if they're on a screen) can be a fantastic way to feel close to friends and family!​​​​​​​

A film fan?

You can use Netflix Party to watch any film or TV show on Netflix with your friends and family, even if you are many miles away from each other. 

You can chat with each other during the watch party using Netflix party or a separate video call and ask them to donate the cost of a cinema ticket for participating.

An ideas generator?

If you’ve got another event or fundraising idea in mind, we’d love to hear from you!
​We’ll always do as much as we can to help out.

Please contact our Community Fundraiser James Shamtally

For more inspiration and information on fundraising, read our fundraising pack.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to share your amazing efforts with us.