Corporate Support

Charitable donations from companies are crucial to our work and we are so very grateful for each and every one of them

Choosing to support us

National AIDS Trust is completely independent, allowing us to be fearless in our advocacy. However, this also means that we rely on the generosity and dedication of trusts, individuals and companies like yours.

Supporting us shows a genuine commitment to equality and diversity and helps to fulfil your corporate social responsibility objectives. It's also a way to raise your company’s profile and ensure your brand stands out from competitors. We have a history of partnering with companies that share the same values and beliefs, which can benefit your brand. 

For more information, download our Corporate Pack. Read our most recent impact report here.

If you would like to form a relationship with us then please contact our Partnerships and Philanthropy Specialist, Chris Dye (020 7814 6726).

Our supporters

Ways we can partner with you

Staff fundraising

Staff fundraising is a fantastic way to raise money for National AIDS Trust - it’s fun, simple and great for team building. Fundraising events are also a great way to show your support on World AIDS Day. See our fundraising page for a range of ideas. We’ll also be on hand to provide assistance and resources to support your fundraising activities.  

Matched funding 

Matched funding is a fantastic way for your company to promote its commitment to corporate social responsibility and for you to make your donation go even further. Make sure to ask your employer if they have a scheme in place.

Make a one-off donation or grant

If there is an opportunity to apply for a charitable donation or grant from your company we’d love to hear from you. Please email Chris Dye (020 7814 6726) or use our contact form.

Choose us as your Charity of the Year

We have a wealth of expertise and will ensure you have all the materials, fundraising ideas and support from a named contact to build a successful partnership and maximise impact. For more information contact Chris Dye (020 7814 6726).

Supporting our awareness-raising materials and events

Sponsoring our research reports and awareness-raising materials enables us to identify and evidence need. Your support means we can influence policy and practice to improve the lives of people living with HIV and ensure people have the information they need to protect themselves and others from HIV.

Red Ribbon Partner

Retailers can support us by distributing red ribbons in stores in the run-up to World AIDS Day. This is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and show your employees and customers you are committed to eliminating HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

To find out more, download our Corporate Pack.

If you would like to form a relationship with National AIDS Trust and would like to discuss this in more detail, please get in touch.

Email our Partnerships and Philanthropy Specialist, Chris Dye (020 7814 6726).