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Kat Smithson

Fighting for national-level investment in HIV prevention


Last week nearly 1500 people wrote to the Minister for Public Health, Jane Ellison, successfully gaining a reversal of the...

Sarah Radcliffe

Can we fix the WCA?


Last week saw the publication of the fifth and final independent review of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), the test...

Kat Smithson

Is just one pill a day always the best way?


Treatment for HIV involves combining drugs from three different classes of anti-retroviral (ARVs) and there are single pill regimens that...

Kat Smithson

Can England learn from the US's HIV prevention ambitions?


The scene was set at the HIV Glasgow 2014 conference with public health expert, Kevin Fenton’s speech comparing the current...

Sarah Radcliffe

Three reasons why Nigel Farage is wrong on HIV and immigration


Like many people I was alarmed this morning to hear Nigel Farage’s comments to Newsweek and on the radio about...

Sally Thomas

Are police at risk of HIV at work?


In the press this week there have been a number of reports about a man living with HIV who attacked...

Sarah Radcliffe

Should you care about commissioning?


Last week Public Health England launched a new publication, Making it work: a guide to whole system commissioning for sexual...

Suzi Price

What we need to know about ‘knowingly’


There have been a number of reports of on an HIV criminalisation case in the media this week, describing the...

Yusef Azad

Keep our sexual health services confidential


Sexual health remains for most people a sensitive and private matter – if we go to a sexual health clinic...


Improving police training and tackling the fear of HIV


‘When asked about the most dangerous aspects of their jobs, neither constable misses a beat. "You can be searching somebody...