Where your money goes

NAT is completely independent, so we can challenge injustice wherever  we see it—always led by the issue and not where the money is. However, this also means that we rely on the generosity and dedication of our supporters.

All donated money goes towards continuing NAT’s vital work in championing the rights of people living with and affected by HIV ​and campaigning for change.

Our work is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters.

Recent victories for NAT:

  • A historic win, as the High Court overturned NHS England's refusal to consider funding PrEP.
  • Convincing the Government to change the way it undertakes benefits interviews to better assess fluctuating health conditions.
  • Challenging inaccurate media reporting and getting it changed.
  • Securing a u-turn from the Government on its plans to halve the amount it invests in preventing HIV.
  • Running a hugely successful campaign, 'Rock the Ribbon' for World AIDS Day, with an online reach of 180 million people.

Fundraising ideas you can try

No matter who you are or what you like doing, there is something you can do to raise money for NAT and help bring about positive change in HIV. Who are you?


In need of some motivation to keep your fitness resolution? Why not take part in one of these challenges and get sponsored for NAT: 

For more information about challenge and sponsorship events, please contact

a foodie?

If you love to bake, you could hold a bake sale. If you’re a keen cook, you could invite friends over for dinner and ask them to make a contribution. Or if you’re mad about cheese and wine, you could host a tasting night, inviting people to bring a selection of the good stuff and a donation for NAT. Everyone loves food, so what’s stopping you?


The saying may be 'charity begins at home', but why not extend that sentiment to the workplace? Get your whole company involved, or just challenge your immediate colleagues
to take part in some fundraising. Why not try one of the following:
Dress Down Day: ask your colleagues to pay a small fee for the luxury of dressing casually for the day. Or if your workplace is already casual why not ask people to wear red or come in fancy or formal dress? Challenge Events: Putting a team together for one of our challenge events is great for fundraising as well as team-building. Contact our Corporate Partnerships Specialist, Chris Dye (020 7814 6726) to find out how you can get involved or download our Corporate Pack.

For more information on corporate support click here.


We have our own eBay page that allows generous donors to sell their old stuff and donate some, or all, of the proceeds to NAT in three easy steps: 

  1. Sell your item, using the ‘Advanced Sell’ form on eBay
  2. Look out for the charity box below where you set your price - search for National AIDS Trust and select our page. You can even choose what percentage of your final selling price will be donated to NAT
  3. Three weeks after your item sells, Paypal will automatically collect the donation from you

Find out more about how to use eBay for Charity here.

A Party Animal?

What better way is there to raise money for NAT than to let your hair down and party?!

We’d love to see you at one of our fabulous events, or perhaps you could have a go at hosting your own? From putting on shows to throwing glamorous parties to holding local quiz nights, we’ve got all the tips and resources you need. Check out our fundraising pack here.


If you’ve got another event or fundraising idea in mind, we’d love to hear from you!
​We’ll always do as much as we can to help out.

Please contact our Director of Fundraising, Sharon Coleman
(020 7814 6731) or use our contact form.

For more inspiration and information on fundraising, read our fundraising pack.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to share your amazing efforts with us.

Tweet @NAT_AIDS_Trust or email

Fundraising successes

Halloween House of Horrors

The Wilkinson family transformed their home into a terrifying House of Horrors for Halloween. Their fright-filled fundraising went down a storm with the residents of Blackpool. They managed to raise lots of awareness about HIV and the work that NAT does, as well as £340.67!

Candy Canes at Concord College

Concord College organized some creative Christmas activities for our World AIDS Day campaign. Two enthusiastic Sixth Form students, Grace and Lynn, set up a stall at the Christmas Fayre doing traditional henna art. They also ran a candy cane delivery service, ‘Candy Grams’. Through their hard work, they raised £348.67.

Awareness day at Birmingham school

Year 9 students at Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham created an HIV awareness tree and a red quilt decorated with inspiring messages and the media students developed videos that were played in the school reception. They also raised funds by selling HIV awareness key-rings made by the technology students.

Up, up and away!

One hundred red balloons, each tied with an individual personal support message, were released into the sky by staff and students at New College Nottingham for World AIDS Day to help raise awareness of HIV. Students also fundraised by selling red ribbons, cakes, and magnets throughout the day on campus.

​Need a helping hand?

If you’d like fundraising advice or would like to request resources, we are more than happy to help.
Email, call 020 7814 6767 or use our contact form