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Nigel Farage - the National AIDS Trust comments.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Yusef Azad, director of policy and campaigns, NAT (National AIDS Trust), said:“Nigel Farage's comments on banning people with HIV from migrating to the UK are both ignorant and discriminatory. People with HIV on treatment can live normal life-spans and be non-infectious – they make important contributions to our society in every field and profession. And HIV treatment itself is becoming cheaper all the time with the arrival of generic drugs.

“If Mr Farage believes a migrant with HIV cannot make a net contribution to our society, he believes the same about UK-born citizens with HIV. That is factually incorrect and deeply stigmatising. To call for entry bans, to lump people with HIV in with criminals, to describe HIV simply as a 'life-threatening disease' are relics from the bad-old days of AIDS panic. They don't contain the spread of HIV, they drive the spread of HIV.” 

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