Inquest rules Annabella Landsberg died due to failings by prison staff – NAT comment

Friday, April 5, 2019

An inquiry has found that the death of Annabella Lansdberg, a prison inmate who had diabetes and HIV, was caused by the failings of prison and healthcare staff at HMP Peterborough.

In response to the inquiry findings, Kat Smithson, Director of Policy and Campaigns at NAT (National AIDS Trust) said: “It is heart-breaking to hear that the detention system has caused a shocking and totally preventable death in the case of Annabella Landsberg. She was entitled to the same standard of healthcare that is available to the wider community, but she died when multiple parties failed to provide that standard.

 “Some staff were unaware of Landsberg’s diabetes and she died when her severe diabetic symptoms were ignored. Although her HIV status didn’t directly cause her death, people living with HIV often face race, gender and sexuality-based discrimination which contribute to health inequalities.

“Although staff in the detention system are under considerable pressures, humane and safe conditions are non-negotiable. The findings from this inquest and the Ombudsman’s report must result in changes which ensure that the appalling circumstances experienced by Annabella Landsberg never happen again.”

NAT has released guidelines to support the provision of good healthcare for people living with HIV in the detention system in Immigration Removal Centres and Prisons Landsberg’s case shows us that scrutiny must be brought to bear on healthcare provision for all conditions, and across the entire detention estate.

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