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Statement: Government expected to move against trans rights

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Recent media reports suggest that the Government may be about to U-turn on its commitment to trans rights, ignoring the findings from its own consultation and contravening the Equality Act 2010.

Natasha Dhumma, Head of Policy and Campaigns for National AIDS Trust said:

“Trans people have to endure a lengthy, expensive and inhuman process to prove their gender identity if they want formal recognition. The Times reported that 70% of responses to the Government’s own public consultation were in favour of making self-declaration of gender identity easier. While we do not believe trans rights are for public vote, for the Equalities Minister to pursue any other direction would be highly undemocratic.

“The Government must recognise that a U-turn on advancing trans people’s rights is out of step with the opinion of the British people. It must return to their original intention of establishing how to make it easier for individuals to declare their own identity instead of allowing the conversation to be railroaded by those who believe trans people are a threat.”

In recent weeks statements from the Equalities Minister have also suggested that plans may be underway to rollback existing rights such a trans women’s access to women’s facilities.

Ms Dhumma said:

 “Human rights for our trans siblings are not up for debate. The Equality Act is very clear: people do not need a Gender Recognition Certificate to have their rights protected. If the Government attempts to deny trans people access to services they will be breaking their own law.

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