"Don't go through what I have because of ignorance or fear..."

I began feeling ill in April this year. By July I had lost 9 stone in weight, and just slept all of the time. I had every part of my body CT and MRI scanned because the doctors suspected cancer. I am in a loving heterosexual relationship of 27 years, and nothing in my lifestyle suggested the possibility of HIV infection. In desperation, the doctors tested for everything and found HIV. I was rushed into hospital the same day with AIDS and given 2 weeks to live. My immune system was non-existent. I started on medication straight away, and I am still here and improving every day.

It's not an easy journey... Please, think, practice safe sex, and get tested. It's so easy and the test is virtually painless. Don't go through this like I have done because of ignorance or fear. If you are diagnosed soon enough, things can be controlled, and controlled well. I'm fighting, and I will come through this, stronger and more determined than ever to enjoy and live life to the full.

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