Expand Routine Testing for HIV and Hepatitis

Routinely testing patients attending A&E is identifying HIV and Hepatitis cases and stopping new transmissions in London, Manchester Brighton and Blackpool. Join us this January by adding your voice to our calls for the Government to expand it to more areas in England!

A small pilot last year has seen over 350 new cases of HIV and hepatitis found in the first 100 days, so there's no excuse! We know that opt-out HIV testing in hospitals works, but it's not currently available everywhere. Opt-out testing needs to be in every town and city in the UK with high prevalence of HIV.

The government has set ambitious targets to end new HIV transmissions by 2030 and eliminate hepatitis C in England by 2025. To do this, testing for HIV and hepatitis must become routine across the country.

Early HIV diagnosis not only improves quality of life, but saves the NHS valuable money. We know that the current opt-out testing programme is cost-effective. Routinely testing for HIV in A&E also helps to take away stigma and reaches more communities.

It is now time for a national roll-out. If the programme works in London and Manchester, why aren't we seeing the same in Bristol, Liverpool, and countless other areas of high prevalence?

Add your name to our open letter, calling for the programme to be expanded in all areas. It just takes a minute and a few clicks to add your name – and it could make a life changing difference to hundreds of people who are living with undiagnosed HIV in towns and cities across England.