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Fluctuating Symptoms of HIV

Fluctuating Symptoms of HIV

August 2011

MEDFASH: Psychological support for adults living with HIV

January 2011

MEDFASH: HIV testing: increasing uptake and effectiveness in the European Union

December 2010
Working with HIV

Working with HIV

August 2009

Press Gang Application From

April 2009
An application form to join NAT's Press Gang. 

MEDFASH: Sex and our city: Achieving better sexual health services for London

November 2008

MEDFASH: London sexual health indicators: A data-driven needs assessment

November 2008
The Myth of HIV health tourism

The Myth of HIV health tourism

October 2008

MEDFASH: 10 High Impact Changes for Genitourinary Medicine 48-hour Access

December 2006

MEDFASH: Recommended standards for sexual health services

March 2005

MEDFASH: Recommended standards for NHS HIV services

January 2003