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Drug-related deaths in Scotland highest on record
New statistics published today by the Scottish Government on drug-related deaths (DRDs) in Scotland show that there were 27% more...
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NHS England recommends uncapped PrEP trial access
NHS England have announced five steps towards better access to the HIV prevention drug PrEP, including recommending removing the capped...
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Councils in London accept 60% of additional PrEP places proposed for gay and bisexual men
In response to the proposal that the number of places on the PrEP Impact Trial be doubled (a 100% increase),...
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Further delays in London to essential HIV prevention drug
NHS England announced today that whilst a doubling of places on the PrEP Impact Trial (proposed on January 23) will...
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Councils in London may block additional PrEP places proposed for gay and bisexual men
NHS England announced today that whilst the PrEP Impact trial will double the number of places on the trial in...
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NAT publish report on drug-related deaths which shows local authorities are struggling with public health cuts
An investigation into whether local government is tackling all-time high rates of drug-related deaths has been published by NAT (National...
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Government commit to ending HIV transmission by 2030
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, will today announce committment to reach zero HIV transmission in...
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HIV prevention gridlock as proposed extra NHS PrEP delayed
A proposal to double the number of people able to access PrEP (a highly effective HIV prevention pill) through the...
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NHS hope to double capacity of PrEP trial after huge demand for HIV prevention drug
NHS hope to double capacity of PrEP trial after huge demand for HIV prevention drug NHS England has announced funding...
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Charity steps in to fill ‘staggering’ gaps in HIV education
10 young people [i] are diagnosed with HIV every week yet young people’s knowledge about HIV remains poor. In a...
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New HIV data shows UK is a global leader in response to the epidemic
New data released today by Public Health England (PHE) shows astonishing progress towards the UN’s targets for combatting and containing...
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PEP prescribed outside of clinical guidlelines perpetuates HIV myths, says NAT
A new study from Germany has shown that over 10% of people given PEP (post-exposure prophylaxsis, a course of pills...
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NAT calls for restoration of public health funding if Government is to realise its ambitions for prevention
The government has set out its strategy for prioritising prevention in the health system today. Kat Smithson, Director of Policy...
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On the first year anniversary of the opening of the Impact trial, we need to end NHS rationing of PrEP
Saturday October 13 is one year since the first clinic opened in the PrEP Impact trial (13 October 2017), a...
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NAT respond to BHIVA and BASHH survey on sexual health
Today the British HIV Association (BHIVA) and British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) released data from surveys showing...
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PrEP drug patent overturned in UK - NAT respond
The High Court has today overturned Gilead's patent extension on Truvada, the HIV drug also used in PrEP. Deborah Gold,...
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UK HIV drugs bill may reduce following court ruling - implications for PrEP
A ruling today from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) suggests that Gilead’s patent for Truvada (the drug used to...
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NHS England and local authorities must ensure routine availability of PrEP for HIV prevention by 1 April 2019, says coalition of charities
• 32 organisations demand HIV prevention drug PrEP to be routinely available on the NHS by 1 April 2019 •...
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Brian Paddick talks about his PrEP use - NAT comment
Lord Paddick has today spoken of his use of the HIV prevention drug PrEP in a personal story shared on...
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HIV Prevention Pilot brings new hope for PrEP in Northern Ireland
The Northern Ireland Department of Health has announced a new £450K HIV Prevention Pilot to be funded through the Health...