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Statement: International AIDS Conference 2020 – possible HIV cure

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Today researchers from the Federal University of São Paulo and others presented evidence at the International AIDS Conference 2020 of the possible first long-term remission of chronic HIV-1 infection without myeloablation.

Deborah Gold, Chief Executive of National AIDS Trust, said:

“This is an interesting study and the results from one of the participants could lead to promising developments in finding a cure for HIV. Knowledge is key in ending HIV and we praise the work being done by researchers around the world to improve our knowledge and understanding about HIV. 

“However, whilst work continues to explore the implications of this isolated case, we must remain focused on the tools we already have to stop the acquisition of HIV.

“We can prevent HIV acquisition by improving access to the highly effective HIV prevention drug PrEP.  Modern HIV treatment means people living with HIV can live healthily into old age, and once on effective HIV treatment cannot pass on the virus. Our focus in the UK and internationally must, therefore, be to provide easy access to PrEP and HIV testing and universal access to free HIV treatment.”


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