Functional HIV cure in USA - NAT comment.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive at NAT (National AIDS Trust) comments on the recent news a baby in the USA has been functionally cured of HIV. The baby tested positive at birth and was given a course of three antiretroviral drugs. When tested again they found she had found traces of HIV, but no viruses that were capable of multiplying. In effect she had been 'functionally cured'.

Deborah Jack says:"This is a really exciting breakthrough and one we hope will give us a better understanding of how we might be able to produce a cure.

“It is further evidence in the growing momentum of HIV cure research, of course this is one case and there must now be research through a proper clinical trial. 

“In the UK we have already been very successful at reducing mother-to-child HIV transmission to less than one percent. However this particular treatment could work for women who are diagnosed HIV positive late in pregnancy or who present very late in pregnancy for treatment and care.  It could also have real benefits in countries with significant rates of mother-to-child transmission.

“As positive as the idea of a cure is, it cannot replace prevention as the most important and cost effective method to stop HIV transmission. Ninety-five percent of people in the UK contract HIV through unsafe sex, wearing a condom is the best way to protect yourself and your sexual partner – and this is the message we need to push.”

Notes to the editor:

This comment is in response to research from the United States which is explained here AIDS Map

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