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Campaigners to SHout loud about sexual health

Friday, September 18, 2009

Six leading sexual health and HIV organisations are launching SHout loud (Sexual Health out loud)

On September 18, six leading sexual health and HIV organisations are launching SHout loud (Sexual Health out loud), a website which enables the general public, community groups and campaigners to have their say about sexual health, contraception and HIV services in England.

The new site, launching during sexual health week, is a joint initiative by the African HIV Policy Network, Brook, fpa, the Medical Foundation for AIDS (MedFASH) and Sexual Health, NAT (National AIDS Trust) and Terrence Higgins Trust. Visitors type in their postcode to receive local data about sexual health, find out if sexual health is a priority in their area and can use the site to take action by contacting key decision-makers.

Everyone who is interested in sexual health will be encouraged to get involved from young people, to those living with or affected by HIV to anyone who feels it’s an issue worth shouting about.

Teenage pregnancy rates are high across particular areas in England, one in 12 young people has chlamydia and more people are living with HIV than ever before. Individuals and community groups will be encouraged to get in touch with their MP, Primary Care Trust (PCT) and local authority to demonstrate that these issues matter to them and to try and ensure that sexual health, HIV and contraception services get the attention and funding they deserve.

Sophie Robinson, SHout loud project officer said “Some people are embarrassed to talk about sexual health, which often means that they don’t express their views about local services to help them improve. The SHout loud website gives people the opportunity to show that sexual health issues really matter to them and to campaign for support and investment. If you care about the subject, sign up now and get your voice heard.”

Getting local people engaged and involved in campaigning on local healthcare priorities is essential, especially during a recession when resources are limited.

Individuals and community groups can join the site to get information and ideas on how to get involved. To sign up visit

Notes to the editor:

 Journalists who require further information should contact Sally Sharpe on 020 7812 1625 or email

  1. The African HIV Policy Network (AHPN) is an alliance of various African community-based organisations and their members who collaboratively work for fair policies for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in the UK, providing various services such as training, support, research and information. AHPN is the only organisation within the UK whose work is dedicated to policy, advocacy and representation at national level, its main focus being HIV and the Sexual Health of Africans in the UK.
  2. Brook aims to help young people to make informed, active choices about their personal and sexual relationships so they can enjoy their sexuality without harm. Brook is the UK’s leading provider of sexual health services and advice for all young people under 25 and provides free and confidential sexual health information, contraception, pregnancy testing, advice and counselling, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and outreach and education work, reaching around 210,000 young people every year. Brook has 45 years of experience working with young people and currently has a network of services in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey.
  3. fpa is one of the UK’s leading sexual health charities. Its mission is to help establish a society in which everyone has positive, informed and non-judgmental attitudes to sex and relationships; where everyone can make informed choice about sex and reproduction so that they can enjoy sexual health free from prejudice and harm. fpa provides a range of information, education and support services and runs public awareness and high profile media campaigns on all aspects of sexual health. For more information go to
  4. The Medical Foundation for AIDS & Sexual Health (MedFASH) is a charity dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the healthcare of people affected by HIV, sexually transmitted infections and related conditions.  It develops and disseminates information and practical guidance for health professionals and policy-makers, fosters communication and collaboration within and beyond the healthcare sector, and builds links between practice and policy.
  5. NAT (National AIDS Trust) is the UK's leading charity dedicated to transforming society's response to HIV.  We provide fresh thinking, expert advice and practical resources.  We campaign for change. Shaping attitudes.  Challenging injustice.  Changing lives.
  6. Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity with centres across England, Scotland and Wales. We're here to provide information and advice about HIV and sexual health and offer a range of services including sexual health checks, counselling and support groups.  We campaign for a world where people with HIV live healthy lives, free from prejudice and discrimination and we promote good sexual health as a right and reality for all. Terrence Higgins Trust relies on donations to deliver a wide range of services. To make a donation, visit