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NAT Topic - Money, poverty and support

Money, poverty and support

Money, poverty & support

The issue: 

Most people living with HIV are well enough to work, but many are held back by stigma and discrimination in the job market. Some people living with HIV may be unable to work or have extra costs associated with disability, but the benefits system is complicated and can be intimidating. People living with HIV also don't have the same access to some financial products, such as life insurance, because the industry has not kept pace with the developments in HIV care.

What we do: 

National AIDS Trust campaigns to make the benefits system fairer and work better for people living with HIV and we provide guidance to hele people to access it. We challenge discrimination in the workplace and work to improve employers understanding of HIV, the law and how to support employees living with HIV. We work to increase access to financial products such as insurance by fighting for better regulation and practice.  

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