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NAT Topic - HIV Testing

HIV testing

HIV Testing 

The issue: 

In the UK, four in ten people living with HIV are diagnosed late, leaving them with shorter life expectancies. More than 7,000 people living with HIV do not know and therefore are not on treatment. Easier access to a wide range of testing opportunities is needed to increase the number of people diagnosed, earlier. 

What we do: 

National AIDS Trust analyses and influences policy and guidelines on HIV testing to ensure that testing reaches all those at increased risk of HIV. We call for the development of and investment in new types of testing, such as HIV self-testing. We campaign for investment in HIV testing and use our research revealing gaps in provision to change practice. 

See our community testing page for toolkits that we developed to support the effective design and evaluation of community-based HIV testing interventions.


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Real Stories

"If I were the sort of person who didn't get tested, I would have continued...
"I thought I might as well live one day at a time."
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