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NAT Topic - Criminalisation

Criminalisation of HIV

Criminalisation of HIV

The issue: 

Since 2001, there have been prosecutions for the reckless transmission of HIV in the UK. However, this has not reduced HIV transmission. Instead, it has undermined public health by increasing stigma, victimisation and discrimination of people living with HIV. Investigations are often long and protracted and spark stigmatising media coverage.  

What we do: 

National AIDS Trust influences legal and policy developments, police and prosecutor practice and the way the media talks about criminalisation of HIV transmission. We strive to limit the detrimental impact of prosecutions. We do this by working with the police, Crown Prosecution Service and the media. We monitor prosecutions and intervene on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that people living with HIV are treated fairly within the criminal justice system. For those researching this issue we have also compiled a table of all known prosecutions which is available on request.


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