"My best friend was diagnosed HIV positive this year."

My best friend was diagnosed HIV positive this year. He took a big step and confided in me during the frantic calls from the GUM clinic. It was a heartbreaking and very scary time for us both. It was a friendship defining moment and I am so glad he told me. When supporting someone who has just recently been diagnosed as HIV positive it's really important to get support for yourself as well. I found support though a confidential counselling service from my work.

It helped me help my friend. Initially it's a huge shock and it's very difficult to carry this alone. My advice is, get informed, get support and support whoever needs you so much. After a while the stress becomes less and HIV positive status becomes integrated into everyday life and things get back to pretty much normal. The first couple of weeks are the worst, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although everything may seem as if it has changed, nothing has changed really and a real friend can make a real difference.


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