HIV Activist Network

Join our virtual group to demand equality and drive progress in HIV on the topics that matter to you

The network

Join our group to demand equality and drive progress in HIV on the topics that matter to you

We need your voice to make us speak louder. The HIV Activists Network allows you to add your voice to our movement—enabling us all to fight harder for the rights of people affected by HIV and drive improvements in HIV education, prevention and testing.

What does being a member involve?

Being a member involves taking quick, simple e-campaign actions to challenge injustice. NAT identifies current issues, contacts you with background information and resources, tells you what you can do, and you take action on as much or as little as you like. 

We select the current issues by doing our own research, listening to people living with HIV and talking to our partner organisations. This ensures that we are tackling the issues that matter the most.

Can I join?

Yes! Anyone living in the UK with the desire to bring about change can join. We’ll give you all the information and support you need to take action.

To join the network, please use our contact form. We'll add you to our network, and start getting in touch when we launch new actions.

To find out more email, call 020 7814 6767 or use our contact form.

The HIV Activists Network is run as a virtual network and your details will not be passed on.

Peer support for all who need it this World AIDS Day

1 in 5 people living with HIV say they need help with isolation and loneliness. 

75% of people who need it say they aren’t getting it.

Across the country on World AIDS Day 2019, there were thousands of candidates gearing up for the general election. 

We got you to ask them: what would you do to tackle HIV-related stigma and isolation? Will you #RockTheRibbon on the campaign trail? Will you pledge to make peer support available for all who need it?

Together, we wrote to hundreds of candidates and put HIV on the map.

1 in 5 people living with HIV need help with isolation and loneliness.

- Positive Voices, Public Health England, 2017

Join us in saying: we need prep now!

PrEP is a pill you take to prevent getting HIV. It's a gamechanging drug. But in England, people in need of it are being turned away from clinics due to caps and underfunding. This can't go on.

Since we last asked you to write to the Health Secretary Matt Hancock demanding PrEP, there has been some good news. Some clinics have taken on more places, and NHS England has committed to a "seamless" transition to regular PrEP availability once the trial is over. But we need to keep demanding #PrEPNow. Without it, people will be turned away from clinics, and they will go on to contract HIV. This is unacceptable.