"One dentist kept cancelling the appointment..."

I have experienced discrimination with the medical profession. Not long after I got an operation, I had a 'dangerous infection' notice at the end of my hospital bed. I just kicked off about it and just said "No no, you can't do that. What is this about?"

Another experience: one dentist kept cancelling the appointment and eventually I got warnings and Friday afternoon they were all gowned up and it looked like I was in an open out surgery and I was saying "What are you doing? Why are you dressed in that way? It's ridiculous. Why don't you dress like that for everybody? And if you do that it’s absolutely cool, but if you're dressed like that for me then it's completely unnecessary."

I suppose I haven't really felt massive anger about it. I just feel like it's ludicrous. I feel more angry about people getting deported and people who I have made friends with that are getting deported back to countries where they're told "Oh yes, there's universal access" when we know there's no universal access.

So when some idiot says "Oh I'm going to wear a green surgical gown", I feel like that is directed at me and I can do something about it. I can directly challenge the person I am dealing with, but it's the bigger scale thing that I get more angry and frustrated about because I can't change those things, I suppose.

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