"They wouldn't touch me because of my HIV."

There's a lot of discrimination out there. I think the worst one was when I changed consultants for dermatology. The person read the letter which said ‘HIV positive’. As soon as they saw that, they said they were not going to touch me. My feet were swollen. I was in a lot of pain. I saw the consultant. I went and I needed someone to see me. They just looked at me and said, "It's because of your HIV". I thought, "What?!" I said "my joints, my hands and feet are swollen but you won't touch me." In 2004!

I said "I am HIV positive but it's in my blood. You are a consultant at [a well-known central London hospital]. You should know that you will not catch it by touching me." I walked out. I went to the manager of the department, and reported it. I phoned my clinic and spoke to my consultant, and reported it and the NHS told me to write a complaint... I got a hearing and they had to apologise. I dread seeing some of the doctors. They have been there for years, but people still discriminate.

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