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PrEPosterous gender health inequality?


HIV prevention strategies for women used to be as simple as ABC. Abstain. Be faithful. Condom use. Fortunately this retro...

Yusef Azad

Blood donation, who are we really discriminating against?


In my last blog I wrote about the complex matter of blood donation rules and gay men. I looked at...

Yusef Azad

Blood donation and gay men – the wrong focus?


It’s National Blood Week and this year the call for blood donors is more urgent than ever with the announcement...

Tom Perry

Give young MSM the education they deserve


Last week we published the results of a nationwide survey of young men who are attracted to other men. The...

Kat Smithson

Striving for political consensus on inclusive SRE


In September 2014 we joined forces with QX magazine on an open letter to political leaders in the calling for:...

Sally Thomas

Are police at risk of HIV at work?


In the press this week there have been a number of reports about a man living with HIV who attacked...

Yusef Azad

Keep our sexual health services confidential


Sexual health remains for most people a sensitive and private matter – if we go to a sexual health clinic...


Improving police training and tackling the fear of HIV


‘When asked about the most dangerous aspects of their jobs, neither constable misses a beat. "You can be searching somebody...

Tom Perry

Empowering a new generation: HIV and young gay men


It has been thirty years since the HIV virus was discovered, and despite great progress, more people are contracting HIV...

Suzi Price

Freedom to... live without HIV stigma


Tomorrow is London Pride. NAT will be there marching in the sun (we’re still hopeful). It is an amazing event...