A national strategy on HIV

NAT is calling for the Government to develop a national strategy to tackle the HIV epidemic in the UK as a matter of urgency.

It is thirty years since the first cases of HIV were diagnosed. The UK's initial response was robust and strategic, and much was achieved. But progress has now stalled.

In 2012 it is unacceptable that new HIV infection and annual diagnoses rates remain stubbornly high, that we have not reduced the proportion of people undiagnosed, that most people are diagnosed late, and that people with HIV still experience stigma and discrimination and are more likely to struggle and live in poverty.

A national strategy for HIV in England is vital if we are to address these problems and once more make progress in responding to the HIV epidemic. Our new report HIV - a strategy for success sets out why we need a new strategy and what this should look like.


Why do we need a UK HIV Strategy?...

…because strategic action makes the difference between progress and failure in the fight against HIV

…because it ensure a joined-up and comprehensive response – the only approach which will work

…because it provides leadership and expertise at a national level

…because HIV is more than just a sexual health issue

…because it ensures HIV is not neglected or side-lined

…because it is internationally agreed best practice – and an international commitment


Download NAT’s briefing ‘No plan, no progress: the case for a UK strategy on HIV’ and learn more.

NAT will be working with MPs to campaign for a national strategy over the next year.  For more information on our plans and how you can get involved email philip.glanville@nat.org.uk