Parliamentary activity

NAT is working hard to raise the profile of HIV among parliamentarians. We also monitor legislation and work to influence new legislation where it may impact of the lives of people living with HIV.

What's happening in parliament in 2014/15

The Coalition Government announced their legislative programme for the next parliamentary session in the Queen’s Speech on 4 June 2014. It is the final Queen's Speech before the General Election in May 2015

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Campaigns and legislation

NAT seeks to influence legislation where it may impact on the lives of people living with HIV. We also campaign on a number of issues in Parliament, these currently include appropriate sex education for young people, the NHS reforms and the welfare reforms: read more

Recent successes

NAT has had a number of successes in influencing legislation to protect people living with HIV: read more

A national strategy on HIV

The UK does not have a national strategy for tackling the HIV epidemic.  With rates of new infection and annual HIV diagnoses remaining stubbornly high, NAT believes this lack of  strategic approach is unacceptable.  We are lobbying Parliament and the Government to show leadership on HIV: read more

HIV Agenda for Action

At a Parliamentary Reception on 20 October NAT launched HIV: An Agenda for Action.  The Agenda for Action sets out both what our key aims should be if we are to address HIV effectively in the UK, and also the practical action to be taken to achieve those aims.  We are asking everyone to pledge to act on this Agenda and make a real difference: read more and learn how to pledge