Health and social care

HIV treatment in the UK is highly effective at keeping people well. When combined with other services such as social care and psychological support people living with HIV can live active and productive lives. NAT is working with the Department of Health, NHS, local authorities and commissioners of health services to ensure the health and social care needs of people living with HIV are met.

Treatment and care

With effective treatments available for HIV, the majority of people diagnosed with HIV in the UK now have a very good prognosis and long life expectancy. However people living with HIV still need support to enable them to live well with HIV.

Many people will experience side effects from HIV medication and may also have conditions relating to their HIV status. People also need support and information to help them come to terms with an HIV diagnosis and manage their condition effectively.

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NHS services

There have recently been changes to how NHS services are commissioned in England. 

NAT have engaged with the changes since the process began, lobbying central Government and building relationships with the new organisations with responsibility for HIV treatment, care, and public health.  We have also produced a number of resources on the changes.

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Social care

The effectiveness of treatments now available for HIV means that most people in the UK with HIV are able to live a reasonably normal life. However, people with HIV often require support to help them achieve this. Social care is one of the main ways in which this support is provided.

We undertake research into social care and campaign to ensure that the support people with HIV need is available to them.

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Psychological support

Many people experience emotional difficulties and require psychological support at some point in their life.  Having access to the right psychological support when you need it can make a real difference to the long term health and wellbeing of someone living with HIV.

NAT is working with other organisations to ensure the standards for psychological support for adults living with HIV are adopted as widely as possible.

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Confidentiality in healthcare

Medical confidentiality is a significant issue for many people living with HIV.  NAT has produced a report on confidentiality in healthcare, and a leaflet on personal information and the NHS for people living with HIV.  We also continue to work with healthcare professionals to emphasise the importance of confidentiality for people living with HIV.

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If you are living with HIV in England and want to know more about what to expect from your health and social are, visit My Care My Voice on our Life with HIV website.