Press Gang

Tackle stigma in the media

If you read or hear something about HIV in the media that is inaccurate, propagates myths or stigmatises people living with HIV, don’t leave it up to others to set the record straight - make your voice heard!

Press Gang is an online group of people living with HIV who are willing to speak out and challenge inaccurate and stigmatising stories about HIV in the UK. The group is supported by NAT who monitor national and regional press and email Press Gang members when there are inaccurate or potentially contentious stories in the media.

Members are encouraged to write a letter to the editor pointing out why an article is inaccurate and informing readers about the realities of living with HIV in the UK or to contribute to online discussions on stories in the news. And of course if you want to comment anonymously, that’s fine.

So if you are living with HIV and interested in challenging poor media coverage then please join Press Gang today.