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Jul 23 2014

NAT tribute to Martine de Schutter

Martine de Schutter from the Dutch sexual health and HIV organisation Aids Fonds was one of the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. NAT wishes to pay tribute to a tireless and inspiring colleague who has been for many years central to improving the response to HIV across the European region. NAT was one of the founder members in 2004 of AIDS Action Europe (AAE), the pan-European network of HIV NGOs. From the outset Martine de Schutter was the committed organiser of AIDS Action Europe and later of AAE’s support to the European Commission’s HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum. She made an immense contribution to developing a genuine community of HIV activism across Europe which bore fruit in an improved response to HIV both by the EU and by countries of the European region.

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Jul 21 2014

British African communities let down by the UK Government

NAT (National AIDS Trust) publishes today a review of how the HIV epidemic in the UK is affecting British African communities, 'HIV and Black African Communities in the UK'

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