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NAT works with the media to raise awareness of HIV and to campaign for change.

Below is a selection of recent features about NAT's work in the media.

HIV positive mother conceives two babies naturally after being positive and her baby and husband are free of the virus (21/11/2014)
One in eight gay and bisexual men in London living with HIV (18/11/2014)
One in eight sexually active gay men in London has HIV, figures reveal 
One in eight gay men in London now have HIV (18/11/2014)

British schools deperately need same-sex sexual education 21/10/2014

Aids charity demands ALL patients at Milton Keynes Hospital be offered HIV test 20/10/2014
Milton Keynes MKWeb

Up and Coming: Deborah Gold of the National Aids Trust 17/10/2014
ThirdSector (Web)

'Wonder drug' which can reduce HIV risk by 92% could be offered on the NHS 17/10/2014
The Daily Mail

NHS to offer tablet which can reduce HIV risk by 90% 17/10/2014
The Independent

UKIP deputy leader: `We face problems caused by migrants with HIV? 14/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

Tory MP: UKIP risks encouraging homophobia and racism in Britain 14/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell: Banning migrants with HIV is not a serious suggestion 12/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

New UKIP MP Douglas Carswell backs Nigel Farage’s call for HIV migrant ban 11/10/2014
Pink News

Nigel Farage has a plan. And abhorrent views on HIV are just a part of it 10/10/2014 (Web)

Outcry after Nigel Farage calls for migrants with HIV to be banned from the UK 10/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

Two Brighton police officers hurt while trying to help ambulance crew 
Brighton and Hove News (Web) 09/10/2014

New HIV diagnoses in UK continue to decline 08/10/2014
British Medical Journal (Web)

Gay Men Buck Downward HIV Infection Trend
The Gay UK (Web), 07/10/2014

Small decline in HIV diagnoses 06/10/2014
Yahoo news UK

HIV protection in a pill for those at risk 30/09/2014
The Guardian

HIV and black Africans in the UK 26/09/2014
GP magazine

Inclusive sex education is vital – and British schools aren't delivering it 18/09/2014
The Guardian 

Sex education should be compulsory in English schools, says gay alliance 16/09/2014
Gay Star News (Web)

New patient privacy threat at sexual health clinics 24/08/2014
National AIDS Trust appoints Deborah Gold new Chief Executive 18/08/2014

Aids charities call for drug decriminalisation 26/06/2014
The Independent

Teaching about sex and relationships 05/06/2014
The Guardian

Hate crime: should the current offences be extended? 29/05/2014
Leek Post and Times 

Pressure grows on NHS to make new HIV wonder drug available for those at risk 17/05/2014
Mail Online

Sutton has worst HIV detection rate in London - experts warn of ticking AIDS timebomb 07/04/2014
Sutton Guardian

Graham Norton warned over World Aids Day ribbon 10/12/13

National AIDS Trust: The BBC should not penalise Graham Norton for wearing an AIDS awareness ribbon 10/12/13
Pink News

YUSU LGBTQ break World AIDS Day records 10/12/13
York Vision

How HIV aware are you? 09/12/13
Gay Times Blog

Support the fight against HIV 05/12/13
Carluke Gazette

Doctors 'not following' HIV guidance 04/12/13
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Jo Josh: 'My vision is HIV sufferers will be able to say so without fear' 03/12/13
Hull Daily Mail

World Aids Day 2013: 'HIV is not in your mindset at 50-plus' 03/12/13

One pill a day and living to 100: the modern reality of life with HIV 03/12/13
This is Cornwall

Bradford MP supports World Aids Day 01/12/13
Telegraph & Argus

Comment: Gay men should lead the way in understanding of HIV 01/12/13
Pink News

Living with HIV: public knowledge must catch up with science 29/11/13

National AIDS Trust urges gay men to take part in HIV quiz 28/11/13
Pink News

National HIV Testing Week 22–29 November 2013 21/11/13
Gay Times

National AIDS Trust: GPs are failing to test gay men for HIV 21/11/13
Pink News

Oasis of care offered for Aids and HIV victims 14/11/13
Wandsworth Guardian

'Wonder Pill' for risky sex on the way 13/11/13
The Star

Working with HIV: a fading taboo? 31/10/2013
British Safety Council

The number of people living with HIV in Waltham Forest is rising, according to research 26/10/2013

New resource for patients living with HIV 01/10/13
Nursing Times

Charities: Gay men can benefit from PrEP but it shouldn't replace condom use 23/09/13
Pink News

HIV Charities Back PrEP 23/09/13  

HIV warning for steroid injections 13/09/13
Big pond news

Prisoners who have sex in jail face separation; commission finds 09/09/13
The Guardian

Six decades of human rights support 03/09/13
The Telegraph

Restrictions on health workers with HIV lifted as 'outdated' ban ends 15/08/13
The Guardian

Ban on NHS staff with HIV carrying out 'risky' work to be scrapped 15/08/13
The Independent

HIV self-testing kits have 'an important role to play' 12/08/13
ITV news

Yusef Azad: The changing face of injecting drug use in the UK 17/07/13
BMJ groups

National AIDS Trust: New HIV risks for gay men who inject steroids and tanning agents 08/07/13
The Pink News  

Immigrants 'To be charged for NHS' says Jeremy Hunt, In bid to stop health tourism 03/07/13
Huffington Post 

Fears over NHS charges dismissed 03/07/13
London Evening Standard 

Visitors to UK set to be charged for NHS treatment 03/07/13
ITV news 

Struggling for policies? Blame and immigrant 03/07/13

Ivan Massow: The gay scene is obsessed with destructive drugs and sex leading to HIV 28/06/13
Pink News 

New AIDS prevention pill could cut infection rates in IV drug users by 50%  15/06/13
Daily Mail

National AIDS Trust welcomes Labour's call for LGBT inclusive sex education 12/06/13
Pink news 

Series of short films about HIV distributed to Scottish schools 06/06/13
Stv news

The meth-fuelled, week-long orgies ravaging london's gay sex part scene 03/06/13

Su Pollard: ‘Equal marriage can only be a good thing for sexual health’ 31/05/13
Pink News

HIV figures in town have increased 20/05/13
Eastbourne Herald

Worthing’s HIV rate up more than 300 per cent in last decade 16/05/13
Worthing Herald

Sharp increase in people living with HIV in Corby 15/05/13
Northamptonshire Telegraph 

Andy Bell interview 15/05/13
Gay Times

Britain must do better on sex education for LGBT youngsters - 08/05/13
Gay Star News 

Singer Andy Bell says Britain is failing gay kids on sex ed - 08/05/13
Gay Star News 

National AIDS Trust welcomes Danish HIV cure study - 30/04/13
The Pink News 

National AIDS Trust: Tweet us your ‘birds and bees’ cupcakes- 26/04/13
The Pink News 

Council urged to ringfence money to tackle HIV as National AIDS Trust states that Waltham Forest has one of highest ratio of infections in UK - 23/04/13
Chingford Guardian 

National charity says Redbridge must take steps to tackle highest rate of late HIV diagnoses in London - 15/04/13
Ilford Recorder

NAT highlight rise in drug use on gay club scene - 11/04/13
So So Gay

HIV in Bromley doubles leaving it with one of highest rates in country - 28/03/13
News Shopper 

Chester Boyd supports National Aids Trust at Spring Awakening - 28/03/13
Event Magazine

HIV risk overplayed - 28/03/13
The Guardian

UK: National AIDS Trust calls on London Councils to tackle drug use amongst gay men - 27/03/13
The Pink News 

NAT launches 'birds and bees' cupcake competition - 25/03/13
So So Gay

UK: Government criticised for failing to mention LGBT youngsters in sex education report - 21/03/13
The Pink News

Solutions needed for east London's HIV issue - 18/03/13

Guidance for workers living with HIV - 15/03/13

HIV and Aids: news and resources - 10/03/13
The Guardian

Doc: I keep praying the HIV stays gone - 05/13/13
The Sun

HIV cases in Croydon double in a decade - 01/03/13
Croydon Advertiser

HIV:dispelling the myths - 01/03/13

'Spike in aids will worsen' - 26/02/2013
South London Press

Shayne Ward gets naked for Attitude photoshoot - 09/02/2013
Digital Spy 

Is the UK ready for HIV home testing kits? - 05/02/2013
Huffington Post 

HIV levels among gay men unchanged - 04/02/2013
Gibraltar Chronicle 

Shayne Ward strips off for Attitude's annual naked issue - 01/02/2013
Pink News 

HIV in gay men 'refuses to fall' - 01/02/2013
IndependentGay Star NewsBBC

National AIDS Trust calls for the NHS to provide earlier HIV treatment - 24/01/2013
Pink News

Why the government risks letting people with HIV down - 17/01/2013
Huffington Post

Sexual health: Nearly half of Brits don't know how HIV is contracted - 16/01/2013 
Handbag,  West Info

Routine tests for HIV? - 16/01/2013 

Half of Britons 'wrongly think' you can catch HIV from being bitten, spat at, or standing on a discarded needle - 15/01/2013 
Daily MailPink NewsNursing TimesHealthcare Today

NGH 'needs to test everyone for HIV virus' - 15/01/2013
Northampton Chronicle 

Strategy needed to deal with HIV epidemic
Guardian - 15/01/2013

Almost half of people in the dark about spread of HIV, survey says - 14/01/2013
Metro,  So So GayMorning Star

The stigma of AIDS remains infectious - man diagnosed in 1980s tells of treatment 'successes' but warns of unprotected sex dangers - 10/01/2013
Camden New Journal 

Islington and Hackney in top 10 for HIV infection
Islington Gazette - 5/12/2012

Living with HIV just got harder
New Statesman - 1/12/2012

Wear the red ribbon on World AIDS Day
The Independent - 30/11/2012

HPA urges further action on HIV testing to reduce number of undiagnosed and diagnosed late Aidsmap - 30/11/2012

Free home HIV testing kit for World AIDS Day
So So Gay - 29/11/2012

UK clinicians define minimum standards of HIV care
Aidsmap - 30/11/2012

British gays diagnosed with HIV reached all-time high
International Business Times - 29/11/2012

Combating HIV  
The Times - 1/12/2012

HIV infection rate for gay men at record high
Pink News - 29/11/2012

Highest-ever HIV diagnosis in gay men
BBC - 29/11/2012

Record numbers of UK gay men test positive for HIV
The Guardian - 29/11/2012

Take the Quiz - are you HIV aware?
So So Gay - 26/11/2012

NAT launches exclusive red ribbon art exhibition at London's City Hall
So So Gay - 26/11/2012

HIV is still a red-hot issue in the UK
The Indepedent - 25/22/2012

David Cameron releases a World AIDS Day message
Pink News - 22/11/2012

The Agenda: Deborah Jack of NAT
So So Gay - 22/22/2012

NAT Auction Exclusive Art
Out in the City - 29/10/2012

NAT celebrate 25th birthday with celebrity art exhibition and auction
So So Gay - 25/10/2012

BBC's Unsafe Sex in the City - you can't script stuff like this
Brand Republic - 25/10/2012

AIDS charity pressures UK government to tackle HIV
Gay Star News - 17/10/2012

UK: National AIDS Trust criticises government over HIV strategy
Pink News - 17/10/2012

Could Truvada pill turn out to be miracle drug for HIV prevention?
Metro - 15/10/2012

'Blame shared’ over sickness benefit test problems
BBC News - 11/10/2012 

Stephen Fry backs HIV/AIDS charity fundraiser
Hollywood - 9/10/2012

UK: National AIDS Trust celebrates 25th anniversary with special video
Pink News - 9/10/2012

National AIDS Trust celebrates 25th anniversary
So So Gay - 9/10/2012

The 5k red run: charities running together against HIV
So So Gay - 30/09/2012

Diana's legacy - 15 years on
Daily Express - 31/08/2012

The Diana legacy
The Scotsman - 31/08/2012

What can charities learn about business continuity from London 2012
Guardian - 23/08/2012

Why should we care about social care?
Baseline - 21/08/2012

From Addiction to Recovery - Did Russell Brand Contradict Himself?
Huffington Post - 17/08/2012

The Re-Branding of Government Drugs Policy: Where Now for Harm Reduction?
Huffington Post - 17/08/2012

Council cuts HIV and Aids funding to ‘prop up other services’ says campaigner
Pink Paper - 06/08/2012

AIDS charity welcomes HIV drug
Midland Zone - 01/08/2012

Footballer denies sending anti-gay Tom Daley HIV tweet
Gay Star News - 31/07/2012

Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in subSaharan Africa
Metro - 24/07/2012

Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in sub-Saharan Africa
BBC News- 23/07/2012

New call for HIV at-home testing kits in the UK
Pink News - 04/07/2012

USA approves HIV home testing kits
Gay Star News - 04/07/2012

Police Advice On HIV 'Outdated', Says Report
Police Oracle - 02/07/2012

Zimbabwean MPs Raise AIDS Awareness By Getting Circumcised
Huffington Post - 22/06/2012

Home Office will be asked to heed warning on ‘outdated’ police resources on HIV
Pink News - 19/06/2012

Police HIV advice 'outdated and stigmatising'
Guardian - 18/06/2012

Report: Police training on HIV 'outdated and stigmatising'
Pink News - 18/06/2012

A mother's milk 'can stop babies contracting HIV'
Metro - 15/06/2012

‘Halting the Spread of HIV’: Three Organisations Discuss Their Differing Approaches
The Fresh Outlook - 13/06/2012

NAT and Gaydar to encourage HIV testing at WorldPride in London
Pink News - 12/06/2012

Councilor slammed for ‘hope you get AIDS’ hate message
Gay Star News - 01/06/2012

Report examines role of HIV partner notification and online technology
Pink News - 31/05/2012

Clinics missing chance to tell HIV partners they may have virus
Gay Star News - 31/05/2012

Gay rugby player Gareth Thomas cover star of Attitude’s annual ‘naked issue’
Pink News - 30/05/2012

James Wharton: Do Councils Really Care about People Living With AIDS?
Huffington Post - 29/05/2012

"Will I Lose My Dignity?": HIV and the Media
The Fresh Outlook - 19/05/2012

£30,000 raised at National Aids Trust birthday party
Gay Star News - 18/05/2012

Curb HIV With Female Circumcision And Shaving Heads, Says Zimbabwe Politician Morgan Femai
Huffington Post - 14/05/2012

Late HIV diagnosis rates a scandal says leading health organisation
Pink Paper - 10/05/2012

NAT issues report on promoting HIV testing under funding pressure
Pink News - 09/05/2012 

National AIDS Trust calls for gay men to have to ‘opt-out’ of HIV testing
Gay Star News - 08/05/2012

Hudson's Letter 
Out in the City - 01/05/2012

Crown announce prosecution policy for deliberately passing on sex infection
Journal Online - 01/05/2012

HIV monies diverted to pay for cuts: NAT report
Baseline - 01/05/2012

Charities unite in opposition to government drugs policy
Guardian - 24/04/2012

NAT launches new survey of local council HIV care
Pink Paper - 19/04/2012

Migrants are not 'health tourists'
Independent - 12/04/2012

The National AIDS Trust are 25!
Attitude - 01/04/2012 

NAT calls for annual testing recommendation for African men and women
Positive Nation - 29/03/2012

Where are we now - NAT and 30 years on
So So Gay - 13/03/2012

Teenagers born with HIV tell of life under society's radar
Guardian - 11/03/2012

£20,000 HIV treatment free for foreigners
Mail Online - 29/02/2012 

HIV treatment to be free for undocumented migrants and non-UK citizens
Aidsmap - 28/02/2012 

Non-UK residents to get HIV care on the NHS
Independent - 28/02/2012

Free HIV treatment on NHS for foreign nationals
BBC News - 28/02/2012

Foreigners to be offered free treatment for HIV on the NHS
Telegraph - 27/02/2012

HIV and hepatitis C co-infection amongst gay men – time for a strategic response
Baseline - 17/02/2012

Department of Health kicks off £10m HIV review
Campaign Live - 02/02/2012

The benefits of a civilised society
Guardian - 31/01/2012

Awareness, Testing Needed to Curb Hep C Infections Among HIV-Positive Gay Men
AIDS Meds - 31/01/2012

HIV's increasingly dangerous sidekick
So So Gay - 30/01/2012

Hepatitis C warning for HIV-positive men
Pink News - 27/01/2012

English public health indicators to include late HIV diagnosis
Aidsmap - 24/01/2012

Contraception: Brand Watch - Durex
Chemist and Druggist - 21/01/2012

Zimbabwe doing better than UK on HIV circumcision-implementation
Zim Eye - 14/12/2011

Rallying to save the UK's Human Rights Act
Our Kingdom - 13/12/2011

Unsafe sex: The more you drink the more likely you are to take risks – research - 12/12/2011

HIV training for professionals
Chemist and druggist - 10/12/2011

I'm petrified of losing my benefits'
Morning Star - 09/12/2011 

Britain's hidden Aids victims
News Statesman - 02/12/2011

HIV treatment 'proving successful'
Private Healthcare UK - 02/12/2011

New drugs, vaccines, gels and foams are on the way
Times - 01/12/2011

From Ghana to a Peckham high-rise
Times - 01/12/2011

Risk to patients: Call for change in UK
Financial Times - 01/12/2011

Transfusions: Experts less than sanguine over risks from donated blood
Financial Times - 01/12/2011

NHS HIV restrictions 'out of step'
Mirror - 01/12/2011

Radio review: Gaydar Radio's World Aids Day special
Guardian - 01/12/2011

World Aids Day: Thirty-four million reasons to act
Independent - 01/12/2011

NHS worker HIV restrictions to be relaxed
Times - 01/12/2011

HIV sufferers could be allowed to work as surgeons and dentists
Daily Mail Online - 01/12/2011

World Aids Day: A Time of Hope, Reflection and Action
International Business Times - 01/12/2011

'HIV tests for all' proposed
NHS Choices - 01/12/2011

It's Not an Elephant in the Corner of the Room, It's a Virus
Huffington Post - 01/12/2011

Ed Miliband's praises National AIDS trust in 1 December video
Pink Paper - 01/12/2011

Study finds 30% of UK adults “need more information about HIV”
Pink News - 01/12/2011

Comment: Information and early diagnosis will be key to tackling HIV
Pink News - 01/12/2011

New CPD resource on HIV for healthcare professionals
Nursing Times -01/12/2011

Fashion supports World AIDS Day; We show you a few fashionable ways to get donating to World AIDS day
Telegraph - 01/12/2011

Act Aware this World AIDS Day
QX Magazine page 48 - 01/12/2011

Top chef donates recipe for World Aids Day campaign
Islington Gazette - 01/12/2011

Risk to patients: Call for change in UK
Financial Times - 30/11/2011 

Transfusions: Experts less than sanguine over risks from donated blood
Financial Times - 30/11/2011 

Government Should 'Take The Lead' In AIDS Awareness
Huffington Post - 30/11/2011

'HIV tests for all' proposed
NHS Choices - 30/11/2011

One in 20 gay men living with HIV as infection rate hits record high
Pink News - 29/11/2011

Fifth of patients 'shun HIV test'
BBC News - 29/11/2011

HIV/AIDS Cases Continue To Rise In The UK
News Tonight - 29/11/2011

HIV tests for all could pick up 20,000 new cases
Independent - 29/11/2011

Stars bake up a storm for Aids day
Evening Times - 29/11/2011

Ignorance to blame for HIV rise
Metro - 27/11/2011

Red Ribbon Cookies: Bake Aware with National AIDS Trust
Maison Cupcake - 26/11/2011

“6 deaths” linked to UK churches HIV advice
Pink Paper - 25/11/2011

HIV panic and Occupy London
Evening Standard - 25/11/2011

Keep Aware
Out in the City (page 80) - 23/11/2011

AIDS-related deaths drop by 21 per cent, say UNAIDS
Pink Paper - 23/11/2011

Fish pedicures risk - a red herring
Baseline - 17/11/2011

New NAT research into fluctuating symptoms of HIV
Baseline - 17/11/2011

Join Susan Cole in the NAT Activist Network
Baseline - 17/11/2011

Flagship London branch of Waterstone's to mark World AIDS Day with landmark quilt display
Pink Paper - 11/11/2011

Lifetime blood donation ban for gay men lifted today
Pink News - 07/11/2011

Doctors criticise London HIV drugs cost-cutting deal
BBC News - 01/11/2011

Wig Party
Out in the City (page 42) - 26/10/2011

Sex Education Should Be ‘opt-in’
E Politix - 26/10/2011

HIV diagnosis progress hampered by inaccurate online information
GP Online - 20/10/2011

National AIDS Trust Criticises Recent Reports of HIV Risk Associated with Fish Pedicures
Queer UK - 19/10/11

Help when you're troubled: getting the right psychological support
Aidsmap -13/10/2011

Hats off for the hair-raising Gods and Monsters Wig Party 2011
Now here this - Timeout - 30/09/2011 

Resolved - National AIDS Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust v Daily Mail
Press Complaints Commission- 30/09/2011

Gay men to be able to give blood
Independent - 08/09/2011

U.K. Survey: 'Fluctuating' HIV Symptoms Affect Work Ability and Daily Living
AIDSmeds -13/09/2011

Fluctuating symptoms have major impact on quality of life and fitness to work, survey finds
Aidsmap - 07/09/2011

House of Lords report: UK HIV strategy is ‘woefully inadequate’
Pink News - 31/08/2011

HIV specialist social workers and their importance
Community Care - 23/08/2011

Pass on herpes, go to jail? 
Guardian - 19/08/2011  

Educating (about) RITA: Scientific accuracy and HIV prosecutions
Baseline - 16/08/2011

Potential Misuse of HIV Test in Criminalization Case
Poz - 08/08/2011

New report explores implications of tests to estimate timing of HIV infection for criminal prosecutions
UNAIDS - 04/08/2011 

HIV patients losing out from cuts to specialist social workers
Community Care - 21/07/2011

Gay men ‘unaware of HIV symptoms’
Pink News - 20/07/2011

If you're HIV positive, safe sex isn't just about condoms
Guardian - 29/06/2011

NAT publish framework for tackling HIV in prisons
Pink Paper - 23/06/2011

'Medical triumph' of prolonging HIV positive lives
BBC News - 17/06/2011

This weekend marks 30th anniversary of first HIV cases but ignorance is growing, say National AIDS Trust
Pink News - 03/06/2011

London HIV services cut as infections rise
BBC News - 31/05/11

Daily Star columnist: ‘If Ricky Gervais was gay, you’d think he had AIDS’
Pink News - 12/04/11

Journalists gather for media summit on accurate HIV and AIDS reporting
Pink Paper - 07/04/11

Reader letter from Yusef Azad, Director of Policy and Campaigns at NAT on interview with Nadja Benaissa
Guardian Weekend - 26/03/11 

Immigration detainees 'denied life-saving drugs'
Independent on Sunday - 20/03/11

Health tourism: why the NHS became popular destination
Telegraph - 19/03/2011

10% of people think spitting transmits HIV
BBC News - 18/02/2011

One in 5 adults don't know HIV can be passed between a man and a woman not using a condom
Daily Mail - 18/02/2011

Poll finds gap in HIV awareness
Scotsman - 18/02/2011

Spanish researchers develop new Aids treatment
Telegraph - 03/02/2011

NAT release healthcare confidentiality guide for HIV patients
Pink Paper - 15/12/2010

Combating HIV
The Times - 01/12/2010

HIV and the NHS – a new relationship?
Financial Times - 01/12/2010

1 in 5 HIV sufferers facing bias at work
Metro - 01/12/2010 

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