NAT in the news

NAT works with the media to raise awareness of HIV and to campaign for change.

Below is a selection of recent features about NAT's work in the media.


UK government halves the budget of HIV prevention programme for England (16/09/2014)
Charities slam government plans to cut HIV prevention budget by 50 percent (16/09/2014)
World Aids Day: the role of business in HIV/Aids treatment and education (01/12/2014)
Less than HALF of the UK population understands how HIV is transmitted (01/12/2014)
Stigma (01/12/12014)
HIV and Aids: 6 facts you need to know for World Aids Day (01/12/2014)
Exclusive: Marina and the Diamonds Writes On World AIDS Day (01/12/2014)
You will never believe how 28% of Brits think you can get HIV (01/12/2014)
Communicable Diseases (01/12/2014)
World AIDS Day 2014: This is what HIV looks like (30/11/2014)
Letters: It is time for Britain to forge its own tighter immigration policy (29/11/2014)
NHS urgently needs to make PrEP available, say HIV prevention organisations (25/11/2014)
Politicians of all parties pledge to tackle HIV under the next government (27/11/2014)
HIV positive mother conceives two babies naturally after being positive and her baby and husband are free of the virus (21/11/2014)
One in eight gay and bisexual men in London living with HIV (18/11/2014)
One in eight sexually active gay men in London has HIV, figures reveal 
One in eight gay men in London now have HIV (18/11/2014)

British schools deperately need same-sex sexual education 21/10/2014

Aids charity demands ALL patients at Milton Keynes Hospital be offered HIV test 20/10/2014
Milton Keynes MKWeb

Up and Coming: Deborah Gold of the National Aids Trust 17/10/2014
ThirdSector (Web)

'Wonder drug' which can reduce HIV risk by 92% could be offered on the NHS 17/10/2014
The Daily Mail

NHS to offer tablet which can reduce HIV risk by 90% 17/10/2014
The Independent

UKIP deputy leader: `We face problems caused by migrants with HIV? 14/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

Tory MP: UKIP risks encouraging homophobia and racism in Britain 14/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell: Banning migrants with HIV is not a serious suggestion 12/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

New UKIP MP Douglas Carswell backs Nigel Farage’s call for HIV migrant ban 11/10/2014
Pink News

Nigel Farage has a plan. And abhorrent views on HIV are just a part of it 10/10/2014 (Web)

Outcry after Nigel Farage calls for migrants with HIV to be banned from the UK 10/10/2014
Pink News (Web)

Two Brighton police officers hurt while trying to help ambulance crew 
Brighton and Hove News (Web) 09/10/2014

New HIV diagnoses in UK continue to decline 08/10/2014
British Medical Journal (Web)

Gay Men Buck Downward HIV Infection Trend
The Gay UK (Web), 07/10/2014

Small decline in HIV diagnoses 06/10/2014
Yahoo news UK

HIV protection in a pill for those at risk 30/09/2014
The Guardian

HIV and black Africans in the UK 26/09/2014
GP magazine

Inclusive sex education is vital – and British schools aren't delivering it 18/09/2014
The Guardian 

Sex education should be compulsory in English schools, says gay alliance 16/09/2014
Gay Star News (Web)

New patient privacy threat at sexual health clinics 24/08/2014
National AIDS Trust appoints Deborah Gold new Chief Executive 18/08/2014

Aids charities call for drug decriminalisation 26/06/2014
The Independent

Teaching about sex and relationships 05/06/2014
The Guardian

Hate crime: should the current offences be extended? 29/05/2014
Leek Post and Times 

Pressure grows on NHS to make new HIV wonder drug available for those at risk 17/05/2014
Mail Online

Sutton has worst HIV detection rate in London - experts warn of ticking AIDS timebomb 07/04/2014
Sutton Guardian

Graham Norton warned over World Aids Day ribbon 10/12/13

National AIDS Trust: The BBC should not penalise Graham Norton for wearing an AIDS awareness ribbon 10/12/13
Pink News

YUSU LGBTQ break World AIDS Day records 10/12/13
York Vision

How HIV aware are you? 09/12/13
Gay Times Blog

Support the fight against HIV 05/12/13
Carluke Gazette

Doctors 'not following' HIV guidance 04/12/13
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Jo Josh: 'My vision is HIV sufferers will be able to say so without fear' 03/12/13
Hull Daily Mail

World Aids Day 2013: 'HIV is not in your mindset at 50-plus' 03/12/13

One pill a day and living to 100: the modern reality of life with HIV 03/12/13
This is Cornwall

Bradford MP supports World Aids Day 01/12/13
Telegraph & Argus

Comment: Gay men should lead the way in understanding of HIV 01/12/13
Pink News

Living with HIV: public knowledge must catch up with science 29/11/13

National AIDS Trust urges gay men to take part in HIV quiz 28/11/13
Pink News

National HIV Testing Week 22–29 November 2013 21/11/13
Gay Times

National AIDS Trust: GPs are failing to test gay men for HIV 21/11/13
Pink News

Oasis of care offered for Aids and HIV victims 14/11/13
Wandsworth Guardian

'Wonder Pill' for risky sex on the way 13/11/13
The Star

Working with HIV: a fading taboo? 31/10/2013
British Safety Council

The number of people living with HIV in Waltham Forest is rising, according to research 26/10/2013

New resource for patients living with HIV 01/10/13
Nursing Times

Charities: Gay men can benefit from PrEP but it shouldn't replace condom use 23/09/13
Pink News

HIV Charities Back PrEP 23/09/13  

HIV warning for steroid injections 13/09/13
Big pond news

Prisoners who have sex in jail face separation; commission finds 09/09/13
The Guardian

Six decades of human rights support 03/09/13
The Telegraph

Restrictions on health workers with HIV lifted as 'outdated' ban ends 15/08/13
The Guardian

Ban on NHS staff with HIV carrying out 'risky' work to be scrapped 15/08/13
The Independent

HIV self-testing kits have 'an important role to play' 12/08/13
ITV news

Yusef Azad: The changing face of injecting drug use in the UK 17/07/13
BMJ groups

National AIDS Trust: New HIV risks for gay men who inject steroids and tanning agents 08/07/13
The Pink News  

Immigrants 'To be charged for NHS' says Jeremy Hunt, In bid to stop health tourism 03/07/13
Huffington Post 

Fears over NHS charges dismissed 03/07/13
London Evening Standard 

Visitors to UK set to be charged for NHS treatment 03/07/13
ITV news 

Struggling for policies? Blame and immigrant 03/07/13

Ivan Massow: The gay scene is obsessed with destructive drugs and sex leading to HIV 28/06/13
Pink News 

New AIDS prevention pill could cut infection rates in IV drug users by 50%  15/06/13
Daily Mail

National AIDS Trust welcomes Labour's call for LGBT inclusive sex education 12/06/13
Pink news 

Series of short films about HIV distributed to Scottish schools 06/06/13
Stv news

The meth-fuelled, week-long orgies ravaging london's gay sex part scene 03/06/13

Su Pollard: ‘Equal marriage can only be a good thing for sexual health’ 31/05/13
Pink News

HIV figures in town have increased 20/05/13
Eastbourne Herald

Worthing’s HIV rate up more than 300 per cent in last decade 16/05/13
Worthing Herald

Sharp increase in people living with HIV in Corby 15/05/13
Northamptonshire Telegraph 

Andy Bell interview 15/05/13
Gay Times

Britain must do better on sex education for LGBT youngsters - 08/05/13
Gay Star News 

Singer Andy Bell says Britain is failing gay kids on sex ed - 08/05/13
Gay Star News 

National AIDS Trust welcomes Danish HIV cure study - 30/04/13
The Pink News 

National AIDS Trust: Tweet us your ‘birds and bees’ cupcakes- 26/04/13
The Pink News 

Council urged to ringfence money to tackle HIV as National AIDS Trust states that Waltham Forest has one of highest ratio of infections in UK - 23/04/13
Chingford Guardian 

National charity says Redbridge must take steps to tackle highest rate of late HIV diagnoses in London - 15/04/13
Ilford Recorder

NAT highlight rise in drug use on gay club scene - 11/04/13
So So Gay

HIV in Bromley doubles leaving it with one of highest rates in country - 28/03/13
News Shopper 

Chester Boyd supports National Aids Trust at Spring Awakening - 28/03/13
Event Magazine

HIV risk overplayed - 28/03/13
The Guardian

UK: National AIDS Trust calls on London Councils to tackle drug use amongst gay men - 27/03/13
The Pink News 

NAT launches 'birds and bees' cupcake competition - 25/03/13
So So Gay

UK: Government criticised for failing to mention LGBT youngsters in sex education report - 21/03/13
The Pink News

Solutions needed for east London's HIV issue - 18/03/13

Guidance for workers living with HIV - 15/03/13

HIV and Aids: news and resources - 10/03/13
The Guardian

Doc: I keep praying the HIV stays gone - 05/13/13
The Sun

HIV cases in Croydon double in a decade - 01/03/13
Croydon Advertiser

HIV:dispelling the myths - 01/03/13

'Spike in aids will worsen' - 26/02/2013
South London Press

Shayne Ward gets naked for Attitude photoshoot - 09/02/2013
Digital Spy 

Is the UK ready for HIV home testing kits? - 05/02/2013
Huffington Post 

HIV levels among gay men unchanged - 04/02/2013
Gibraltar Chronicle 

Shayne Ward strips off for Attitude's annual naked issue - 01/02/2013
Pink News 

HIV in gay men 'refuses to fall' - 01/02/2013
IndependentGay Star NewsBBC

National AIDS Trust calls for the NHS to provide earlier HIV treatment - 24/01/2013
Pink News

Why the government risks letting people with HIV down - 17/01/2013
Huffington Post

Sexual health: Nearly half of Brits don't know how HIV is contracted - 16/01/2013 
Handbag,  West Info

Routine tests for HIV? - 16/01/2013 

Half of Britons 'wrongly think' you can catch HIV from being bitten, spat at, or standing on a discarded needle - 15/01/2013 
Daily MailPink NewsNursing TimesHealthcare Today

NGH 'needs to test everyone for HIV virus' - 15/01/2013
Northampton Chronicle 

Strategy needed to deal with HIV epidemic
Guardian - 15/01/2013

Almost half of people in the dark about spread of HIV, survey says - 14/01/2013
Metro,  So So GayMorning Star

The stigma of AIDS remains infectious - man diagnosed in 1980s tells of treatment 'successes' but warns of unprotected sex dangers - 10/01/2013
Camden New Journal 

Islington and Hackney in top 10 for HIV infection
Islington Gazette - 5/12/2012

Living with HIV just got harder
New Statesman - 1/12/2012

Wear the red ribbon on World AIDS Day
The Independent - 30/11/2012

HPA urges further action on HIV testing to reduce number of undiagnosed and diagnosed late Aidsmap - 30/11/2012

Free home HIV testing kit for World AIDS Day
So So Gay - 29/11/2012

UK clinicians define minimum standards of HIV care
Aidsmap - 30/11/2012

British gays diagnosed with HIV reached all-time high
International Business Times - 29/11/2012

Combating HIV  
The Times - 1/12/2012

HIV infection rate for gay men at record high
Pink News - 29/11/2012

Highest-ever HIV diagnosis in gay men
BBC - 29/11/2012

Record numbers of UK gay men test positive for HIV
The Guardian - 29/11/2012

Take the Quiz - are you HIV aware?
So So Gay - 26/11/2012

NAT launches exclusive red ribbon art exhibition at London's City Hall
So So Gay - 26/11/2012

HIV is still a red-hot issue in the UK
The Indepedent - 25/22/2012

David Cameron releases a World AIDS Day message
Pink News - 22/11/2012

The Agenda: Deborah Jack of NAT
So So Gay - 22/22/2012

NAT Auction Exclusive Art
Out in the City - 29/10/2012

NAT celebrate 25th birthday with celebrity art exhibition and auction
So So Gay - 25/10/2012

BBC's Unsafe Sex in the City - you can't script stuff like this
Brand Republic - 25/10/2012

AIDS charity pressures UK government to tackle HIV
Gay Star News - 17/10/2012

UK: National AIDS Trust criticises government over HIV strategy
Pink News - 17/10/2012

Could Truvada pill turn out to be miracle drug for HIV prevention?
Metro - 15/10/2012

'Blame shared’ over sickness benefit test problems
BBC News - 11/10/2012 

Stephen Fry backs HIV/AIDS charity fundraiser
Hollywood - 9/10/2012

UK: National AIDS Trust celebrates 25th anniversary with special video
Pink News - 9/10/2012

National AIDS Trust celebrates 25th anniversary
So So Gay - 9/10/2012

The 5k red run: charities running together against HIV
So So Gay - 30/09/2012

Diana's legacy - 15 years on
Daily Express - 31/08/2012

The Diana legacy
The Scotsman - 31/08/2012

What can charities learn about business continuity from London 2012
Guardian - 23/08/2012

Why should we care about social care?
Baseline - 21/08/2012

From Addiction to Recovery - Did Russell Brand Contradict Himself?
Huffington Post - 17/08/2012

The Re-Branding of Government Drugs Policy: Where Now for Harm Reduction?
Huffington Post - 17/08/2012

Council cuts HIV and Aids funding to ‘prop up other services’ says campaigner
Pink Paper - 06/08/2012

AIDS charity welcomes HIV drug
Midland Zone - 01/08/2012

Footballer denies sending anti-gay Tom Daley HIV tweet
Gay Star News - 31/07/2012

Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in subSaharan Africa
Metro - 24/07/2012

Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in sub-Saharan Africa
BBC News- 23/07/2012

New call for HIV at-home testing kits in the UK
Pink News - 04/07/2012

USA approves HIV home testing kits
Gay Star News - 04/07/2012

Police Advice On HIV 'Outdated', Says Report
Police Oracle - 02/07/2012

Zimbabwean MPs Raise AIDS Awareness By Getting Circumcised
Huffington Post - 22/06/2012

Home Office will be asked to heed warning on ‘outdated’ police resources on HIV
Pink News - 19/06/2012

Police HIV advice 'outdated and stigmatising'
Guardian - 18/06/2012

Report: Police training on HIV 'outdated and stigmatising'
Pink News - 18/06/2012

A mother's milk 'can stop babies contracting HIV'
Metro - 15/06/2012

‘Halting the Spread of HIV’: Three Organisations Discuss Their Differing Approaches
The Fresh Outlook - 13/06/2012

NAT and Gaydar to encourage HIV testing at WorldPride in London
Pink News - 12/06/2012

Councilor slammed for ‘hope you get AIDS’ hate message
Gay Star News - 01/06/2012

Report examines role of HIV partner notification and online technology
Pink News - 31/05/2012

Clinics missing chance to tell HIV partners they may have virus
Gay Star News - 31/05/2012

Gay rugby player Gareth Thomas cover star of Attitude’s annual ‘naked issue’
Pink News - 30/05/2012

James Wharton: Do Councils Really Care about People Living With AIDS?
Huffington Post - 29/05/2012

"Will I Lose My Dignity?": HIV and the Media
The Fresh Outlook - 19/05/2012

£30,000 raised at National Aids Trust birthday party
Gay Star News - 18/05/2012

Curb HIV With Female Circumcision And Shaving Heads, Says Zimbabwe Politician Morgan Femai
Huffington Post - 14/05/2012

Late HIV diagnosis rates a scandal says leading health organisation
Pink Paper - 10/05/2012

NAT issues report on promoting HIV testing under funding pressure
Pink News - 09/05/2012 

National AIDS Trust calls for gay men to have to ‘opt-out’ of HIV testing
Gay Star News - 08/05/2012

Hudson's Letter 
Out in the City - 01/05/2012

Crown announce prosecution policy for deliberately passing on sex infection
Journal Online - 01/05/2012

HIV monies diverted to pay for cuts: NAT report
Baseline - 01/05/2012

Charities unite in opposition to government drugs policy
Guardian - 24/04/2012

NAT launches new survey of local council HIV care
Pink Paper - 19/04/2012

Migrants are not 'health tourists'
Independent - 12/04/2012

The National AIDS Trust are 25!
Attitude - 01/04/2012 

NAT calls for annual testing recommendation for African men and women
Positive Nation - 29/03/2012

Where are we now - NAT and 30 years on
So So Gay - 13/03/2012

Teenagers born with HIV tell of life under society's radar
Guardian - 11/03/2012

£20,000 HIV treatment free for foreigners
Mail Online - 29/02/2012 

HIV treatment to be free for undocumented migrants and non-UK citizens
Aidsmap - 28/02/2012 

Non-UK residents to get HIV care on the NHS
Independent - 28/02/2012

Free HIV treatment on NHS for foreign nationals
BBC News - 28/02/2012

Foreigners to be offered free treatment for HIV on the NHS
Telegraph - 27/02/2012

HIV and hepatitis C co-infection amongst gay men – time for a strategic response
Baseline - 17/02/2012

Department of Health kicks off £10m HIV review
Campaign Live - 02/02/2012

The benefits of a civilised society
Guardian - 31/01/2012

Awareness, Testing Needed to Curb Hep C Infections Among HIV-Positive Gay Men
AIDS Meds - 31/01/2012

HIV's increasingly dangerous sidekick
So So Gay - 30/01/2012

Hepatitis C warning for HIV-positive men
Pink News - 27/01/2012

English public health indicators to include late HIV diagnosis
Aidsmap - 24/01/2012

Contraception: Brand Watch - Durex
Chemist and Druggist - 21/01/2012

Zimbabwe doing better than UK on HIV circumcision-implementation
Zim Eye - 14/12/2011

Rallying to save the UK's Human Rights Act
Our Kingdom - 13/12/2011

Unsafe sex: The more you drink the more likely you are to take risks – research - 12/12/2011

HIV training for professionals
Chemist and druggist - 10/12/2011

I'm petrified of losing my benefits'
Morning Star - 09/12/2011 

Britain's hidden Aids victims
News Statesman - 02/12/2011

HIV treatment 'proving successful'
Private Healthcare UK - 02/12/2011

New drugs, vaccines, gels and foams are on the way
Times - 01/12/2011

From Ghana to a Peckham high-rise
Times - 01/12/2011

Risk to patients: Call for change in UK
Financial Times - 01/12/2011

Transfusions: Experts less than sanguine over risks from donated blood
Financial Times - 01/12/2011

NHS HIV restrictions 'out of step'
Mirror - 01/12/2011

Radio review: Gaydar Radio's World Aids Day special
Guardian - 01/12/2011

World Aids Day: Thirty-four million reasons to act
Independent - 01/12/2011

NHS worker HIV restrictions to be relaxed
Times - 01/12/2011

HIV sufferers could be allowed to work as surgeons and dentists
Daily Mail Online - 01/12/2011

World Aids Day: A Time of Hope, Reflection and Action
International Business Times - 01/12/2011

'HIV tests for all' proposed
NHS Choices - 01/12/2011

It's Not an Elephant in the Corner of the Room, It's a Virus
Huffington Post - 01/12/2011

Ed Miliband's praises National AIDS trust in 1 December video
Pink Paper - 01/12/2011

Study finds 30% of UK adults “need more information about HIV”
Pink News - 01/12/2011

Comment: Information and early diagnosis will be key to tackling HIV
Pink News - 01/12/2011

New CPD resource on HIV for healthcare professionals
Nursing Times -01/12/2011

Fashion supports World AIDS Day; We show you a few fashionable ways to get donating to World AIDS day
Telegraph - 01/12/2011

Act Aware this World AIDS Day
QX Magazine page 48 - 01/12/2011

Top chef donates recipe for World Aids Day campaign
Islington Gazette - 01/12/2011

Risk to patients: Call for change in UK
Financial Times - 30/11/2011 

Transfusions: Experts less than sanguine over risks from donated blood
Financial Times - 30/11/2011 

Government Should 'Take The Lead' In AIDS Awareness
Huffington Post - 30/11/2011

'HIV tests for all' proposed
NHS Choices - 30/11/2011

One in 20 gay men living with HIV as infection rate hits record high
Pink News - 29/11/2011

Fifth of patients 'shun HIV test'
BBC News - 29/11/2011

HIV/AIDS Cases Continue To Rise In The UK
News Tonight - 29/11/2011

HIV tests for all could pick up 20,000 new cases
Independent - 29/11/2011

Stars bake up a storm for Aids day
Evening Times - 29/11/2011

Ignorance to blame for HIV rise
Metro - 27/11/2011

Red Ribbon Cookies: Bake Aware with National AIDS Trust
Maison Cupcake - 26/11/2011

“6 deaths” linked to UK churches HIV advice
Pink Paper - 25/11/2011

HIV panic and Occupy London
Evening Standard - 25/11/2011

Keep Aware
Out in the City (page 80) - 23/11/2011

AIDS-related deaths drop by 21 per cent, say UNAIDS
Pink Paper - 23/11/2011

Fish pedicures risk - a red herring
Baseline - 17/11/2011

New NAT research into fluctuating symptoms of HIV
Baseline - 17/11/2011

Join Susan Cole in the NAT Activist Network
Baseline - 17/11/2011

Flagship London branch of Waterstone's to mark World AIDS Day with landmark quilt display
Pink Paper - 11/11/2011

Lifetime blood donation ban for gay men lifted today
Pink News - 07/11/2011

Doctors criticise London HIV drugs cost-cutting deal
BBC News - 01/11/2011

Wig Party
Out in the City (page 42) - 26/10/2011

Sex Education Should Be ‘opt-in’
E Politix - 26/10/2011

HIV diagnosis progress hampered by inaccurate online information
GP Online - 20/10/2011

National AIDS Trust Criticises Recent Reports of HIV Risk Associated with Fish Pedicures
Queer UK - 19/10/11

Help when you're troubled: getting the right psychological support
Aidsmap -13/10/2011

Hats off for the hair-raising Gods and Monsters Wig Party 2011
Now here this - Timeout - 30/09/2011 

Resolved - National AIDS Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust v Daily Mail
Press Complaints Commission- 30/09/2011

Gay men to be able to give blood
Independent - 08/09/2011

U.K. Survey: 'Fluctuating' HIV Symptoms Affect Work Ability and Daily Living
AIDSmeds -13/09/2011

Fluctuating symptoms have major impact on quality of life and fitness to work, survey finds
Aidsmap - 07/09/2011

House of Lords report: UK HIV strategy is ‘woefully inadequate’
Pink News - 31/08/2011

HIV specialist social workers and their importance
Community Care - 23/08/2011

Pass on herpes, go to jail? 
Guardian - 19/08/2011  

Educating (about) RITA: Scientific accuracy and HIV prosecutions
Baseline - 16/08/2011

Potential Misuse of HIV Test in Criminalization Case
Poz - 08/08/2011

New report explores implications of tests to estimate timing of HIV infection for criminal prosecutions
UNAIDS - 04/08/2011 

HIV patients losing out from cuts to specialist social workers
Community Care - 21/07/2011

Gay men ‘unaware of HIV symptoms’
Pink News - 20/07/2011

If you're HIV positive, safe sex isn't just about condoms
Guardian - 29/06/2011

NAT publish framework for tackling HIV in prisons
Pink Paper - 23/06/2011

'Medical triumph' of prolonging HIV positive lives
BBC News - 17/06/2011

This weekend marks 30th anniversary of first HIV cases but ignorance is growing, say National AIDS Trust
Pink News - 03/06/2011

London HIV services cut as infections rise
BBC News - 31/05/11

Daily Star columnist: ‘If Ricky Gervais was gay, you’d think he had AIDS’
Pink News - 12/04/11

Journalists gather for media summit on accurate HIV and AIDS reporting
Pink Paper - 07/04/11

Reader letter from Yusef Azad, Director of Policy and Campaigns at NAT on interview with Nadja Benaissa
Guardian Weekend - 26/03/11 

Immigration detainees 'denied life-saving drugs'
Independent on Sunday - 20/03/11

Health tourism: why the NHS became popular destination
Telegraph - 19/03/2011

10% of people think spitting transmits HIV
BBC News - 18/02/2011

One in 5 adults don't know HIV can be passed between a man and a woman not using a condom
Daily Mail - 18/02/2011

Poll finds gap in HIV awareness
Scotsman - 18/02/2011

Spanish researchers develop new Aids treatment
Telegraph - 03/02/2011

NAT release healthcare confidentiality guide for HIV patients
Pink Paper - 15/12/2010

Combating HIV
The Times - 01/12/2010

HIV and the NHS – a new relationship?
Financial Times - 01/12/2010

1 in 5 HIV sufferers facing bias at work
Metro - 01/12/2010 

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