HIV in the News

News November, 2010

News Sat 20 - Fri 26 November

A quarter of people with HIV in the UK are unaware they have the virus, experts from the Health Protection Agency have suggested. BBC, Radio 4's Today Programme

Incapacity benefit tests face overhaul after damning report. Guardian

Global HIV epidemic 'halted', says UN. BBC

An HIV pill heralds new era in fight against AIDS.Gay men at extremely high risk of HIV who took the oral pill daily cut their risk of contracting the infection by almost 44 per cent. Independent, BBC

Pope Benedict XVI has said the use of condoms is acceptable in exceptional circumstances, according to a new book. BBC, Guardian

News Sat 13 - Fri 19 November

The cuts to legal aid are closing the law to all but those with money. The government will now remove all legal help for workers claiming unfair dismissal or discrimination. Guardian

The government will drop Labour's proposed law requiring councils to tackle social deprivation, equalities minister Theresa May has said. BBC

More work is needed to prevent the undiagnosed from transmitting HIV, according to a collaborative study between the Medical Research Council and the Health Protection Agency published today. Medical News Today

Four days after her release from house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi visits HIV positive patients in Burma. M&C
Swiss studies probe the consequences of smoking for people living with HIV. aidsmap

News Sat 06 - Fri 12 November

Daily Mail apologises for a misleading story about a toddler pricked by a dirty needle in a New York Hospital. Original article, published 24 Oct, has now been removed. Daily Mail

Coalition facing backlash as hardship payments scrapped. Guardian, Herald Scotland

Chinese court rejects HIV discrimination case. BBC

International study confirms that the sooner treatment is started the better. aidsmap
Preventative TB therapy halves risk of death among ARV patients, new research from South Africa shows. PlusNews

News Sat 30 - Fri 05 November

Where's our national HIV strategy? GHT

The accessibility of sexual health services in the UK must be improved. Nursing Times

Researchers in the US now believe they are close to understanding why a tiny proportion of people with HIV can live for many years without succumbing to AIDS. Independent

How a trade deal being brokered between Europe and India could cut off the developing world's supply of cheap medicines. Al Jazeera

The head of the Catholic Church in Belgium has said that AIDS is “intrinsic justice” for homosexuality. His spokesperson has resigned in protest. Pink News