HIV in the News

News 2009

News Sat 12 - Fri 18 December

The results of the MDP301 trial of PRO2000 gel were announced today. The clinical trial has found no evidence that the vaginal microbicide reduces the risk of HIV infection in women. The Guardian

Fifty percent of prostitutes in South Africa are HIV positive.  News of the World

Elton John: 'Gordon Brown doesn't understand AIDS problem'. Pink News

UNITAID approves patent pool to reduce cost of HIV drugs. Financial Times

Rwanda's lower house will reportedly vote today on a revision to the penal code which would criminalise homosexuality. Pink News
The death of former Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang marks the end of an era. BBC News

News Sat 05 - Fri 11 December

An analysis of primary care records suggests that at least half of people with diagnosed HIV infection had disclosed their HIV status to their general practitioner (GP).AIDSmap

Teacher killed himself in Brighton after HIV diagnosis. Argus

In New Zealand a husband infects wife with HIV by pricking her with sewing needle while she slept. BBC
Researchers have discovered that human stem cells could be engineered to kill HIV-infected cells. Pink News

News Sat 28 - Sat 05 December

People with HIV alarmed by levels of stigma in UK. The Observer

HIV diagnoses for gay and bisexual men levelling off. Pink News
Warning over late HIV diagnosis. Independent
GlaxoSmithKline is to cut significantly the prices of its medicine in emerging economies next spring. Financial Times
Uganda considers death sentence for gay sex in bill before parliament. Guardian
Adrienne Seed talks about tackling the social stigma of living with HIV on This Morning.This Morning
Twitter goes red for World AIDS Day Guardian
Why does a small band of scientists and campaigners persist in denying the link between HIV and AIDS, when the evidence that they are wrong is overwhelming? The Independent


News Fri 20 - Fri 27 November

When the battle against superstition, stigma and scant sex education is over, the fight to treat HIV patients begins. Kirsty Taylor reports from Kenya. Guardian

HIV/TB epidemic in Eastern Europe a 'public health disaster'. AIDSmap
MPs asked to support gay men's HIV campaign. Pink News
HIV infections and deaths fall as drugs have impact . The number of people worldwide infected with the HIV- about 33 million - has remained virtually unchanged for the last two years. BBC
The HIV pandemic which started 28 years ago is officially in decline, two of the world's leading health organisations said yesterday. The Independent
We've all got HIV... it's not the death sentence that it used to be. The Sun interviews three people living with HIV in the UK today. The Sun

News Sat 14 - Fri 20 November

Testing for HIV could be introduced routinely in GPs’ surgeries and hospitals under government plans to screen the population for the condition. The Times

Sir Elton John has warned that many young people are putting themselves at risk by having unsafe sex. BBC News
A police officer faces an anxious wait to discover whether he has HIV after being bitten by a woman he was trying to arrest. Sunderland Echo
Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq stars in web film challenging prejudice against kissing people with HIV. Guardian
HIV film 'dangerous and misleading'. Pink News
Activists denounce Uganda's homosexuality bill. Guardian

News Sat 07 - Fri 13 November

Terrence Higgins Trust, with Age Concern and Help the Aged, are launching a survey today to find out the needs and concerns of people living with HIV who are aged over 50. Pink Paper

New sex education rules will help all children feel comfortable with their sexuality – except those in faith schools. Guardian Comment is Free
In its first study of women's health around the globe, the World Health Organization said Monday that AIDS is the leading cause of death and disease among women between the ages of 15 and 44. Associated Press
South Africa's death rate doubled over the last decade due to the spread of AIDS, the health minister said. Yahoo

News Sat 31 - Fri 06 November

Obama announces that the US HIV travel ban will be lifted. BBC

Starbucks is partnering with (RED), the Global Fund organisation to help support AIDS programmes in Africa. MAD

The Government has announced the launch of a pilot scheme under which practices will routinely test for HIV when registering new patients. Pulse
Sex education will be compulsory in all schools. Parents will be able to withdraw their children from the new, compulsory sex education lessons up to the age of 15. Guardian

News Sat 24 - Fri 30 October

Experts want African aid funds channelled away from HIV. Guardian

HIV and AIDS: debate or denial? Guardian
A public meeting discussed the possibility of a five-year deferral for gay and bisexual men donating blood, rather than a lifetime ban. Pink News
Hospital patients feared to have been treated by a doctor with HIV have been kept in the dark for two years. The Sun

News Sat 17 - Fri 23 October

Seventeen human rights groups have called for proposed new laws on homosexuality in Uganda to be scrapped immediately.Pink News

Detailed analysis of the Thai HIV vaccine trial results are announced, showing the vaccine produce a modest response.BBC News

The Editor of the Spectator has published a blog entitled: Questioning the AIDS consensus.The Spectator

News Sat 10 - Fri 16 October

Calls are growing for South Africa to legalise prostitution ahead of next year's football World Cup in an effort to limit HIV infection among millions of fans visiting the country for the tournament. Guardian

The number of Europeans contracting HIV is accelerating along with the number of people practising unsafe sex according to a Swedish think tank based in Brussels.

News Sat 03 - Fri 09 October

A critical camouflage mechanism that allows HIV to hide from the body’s defences and foil immunisations has been rebuilt in the laboratory in research that could transform the prospects for an effective AIDS vaccine. The Times

Children as young as four are to become the youngest in Scotland to be given sex education lessons under a new curriculum from Glasgow City Council. BBC News
Testing Times– panel event at the Conservative Party Conference about HIV in the UK. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation
Sir Elton John's partner to unveil Brighton AIDS memorial. The Argus

News Sat 26 - Fri 02 October

Ben Goldarce comments on House of Numbers – “pernicious film of AIDS denialist propaganda”. The Guardian

Dr Mark Porter comments on the General Medical Council’s new standards for doctors around confidential information. The Times
Scientists finally have a vaccine that protects some people -- but instead of celebrating, they are going back to the drawing board. Reuters
The number of people on treatment for HIV in developing countries rose during 2008 from 3m to 4m, according to the latest assessment from the United Nations Aids Agency. 5 million still in need treatment. AIDSmap

News Sat 19 - Sat 26 September

New airline ticket tax offers people the option of donating to help fight HIV, TB and malaria. Yahoo

Singer Annie Lennox has said South Africa's failure to fund an Aids treatment programme is a disgrace, and that the country risks falling apart unless it tackles the HIV virus.
Brown announces $1bn more funding for vaccines in the developing world. Nearly half the extra funds will come from the UK for immunisation and to improve health care in the world's poorest countries. Guardian
Terrence Higgins Trust launches a major new awareness raising campaign aimed at gay men in London this week. ‘Assumptions’ is aimed at men who don’t use condoms because they think they have correctly identified their partner’s status. Pink Paper
The results of a vaccine trial in Thailand were announced today which that the vaccine candidate did succeeded in reducing the chance of HIV infection in humans. The scientific community has hailed a breakthrough in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The Times

News Sat 12 - Fri 18 September

This month, after a concerted campaign by academics aggregating around websites such as, academic publishers Elsevier have withdrawn two papers by so-called “AIDS dissidents” from the journal Medical Hypotheses. Guardian

Kenya has banned a brand of condoms weeks after Zambia did the same after tests concluded that they leak. BBC News
A new website will support children with HIV. This is Leicester
Survey shows increase in gay men taking HIV tests. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation

News Sat 05 - Fri 11 September

A graphic AIDS-awareness advert which features an Adolph Hitler lookalike having sex has been condemned by HIV charities. The Telegraph


Leading UK and international organisations have written to Britain's largest drug company urging it to pool its patents on HIV medicines to help save millions of lives in developing countries. The Guardian

News Sat 29 - Fri 04 September

Matthew Hodgson from GMFA answers critics and discusses how the organisation works to educate gay men about HIV. Pink News

Councillor in Manchester tells Pride crowd 'I am HIV positive'. Manchester Evening News

Researchers in the US including scientists at the International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) have discovered two powerful new antibodies to HIV, which may rejuvenate the search for an Aids vaccine. BBC News

India has rejected applications from two US companies for patents on two key AIDS drugs in a move that could mean more people in poor countries will have access to life-saving medicines. Nature

News Sat 29 - Fri 04 September

Matthew Hodgson from GMFA answers critics and discusses how the organisation works to educate gay men about HIV. Pink News

Councillor in Manchester tells Pride crowd 'I am HIV positive'. Manchester Evening News

Researchers in the US including scientists at the International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) have discovered two powerful new antibodies to HIV, which may rejuvenate the search for an Aids vaccine. BBC News

India has rejected applications from two US companies for patents on two key AIDS drugs in a move that could mean more people in poor countries will have access to life-saving medicines. Nature

News Sat 22 - Fri 28 August

HIV-positive children shunned from Vietnam school. TIME

Nearly half of all new cases of HIV in one English region were infected abroad, officials have said. Press Association

NAT publishes the first in-depth UK research into the experiences of people with HIV in the workplace. Society Guardian

G20 finance ministers meeting in London next Friday will face concerted pressure to introduce a tax on financial transactions as a coalition of anti-poverty and health campaigners aim to force the issue onto the agenda. Guardian

News Sat 15 - Fri 21 August

Killing Us Softly – opinion piece by Gary Leigh, who remembers the "no nonsense" strategies of the 1980s, says the gay health charities have some tough questions to answer. Pink News

Annie Lennox is set to speak about her work in the fight against HIV at this year's Festival of Politics at the Scottish Parliament. Press Association

People with HIV will be a priority group for swine flu vaccination in UK. AIDSMap

Gay men's health charity GMFA has launched a campaign to warn gay men they cannot guess whether their partner will be HIV-positive. Pink News

News Sat 08 - Fri 14 August

Despite a potential flu shortfall, the National Blood Service continues to ban blood donations from gay and bisexual men. Guardian Comment is Free

NAT reveals findings from survey of AIDS Support Grant. Community Care

Half the world's teenagers admit to being dangerously ignorant about HIV risks – and many do not use condoms, a study by student organisation AIESEC International and Standard Chartered shows. Metro

News Sat 01 - Fri 07 August

Scientists say they have decoded the entire genetic content of HIV-1. They hope this will pave the way to a greater understanding of how the virus operates, and potentially accelerate the development of drug treatments. BBC News

Pink News article questions whether HIV campaigns are failing young gay men by failing to promote the importance of condom use. Pink News

News Sat 25 - Fri 31 July

NAT launches new guidance for housing officers on HIV.

A HIV activist mounted Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth this morning as part of Antony Gormley's One & Other exhibition. Pink Paper

HIV rates in Prague look set to pass last year's all-time high, after research found that 75 were diagnosed since January alone.>Pink Paper

News Sat 18 - Fri 24 July

Circumcising men with HIV does not reduce the risk of them transmitting the virus to their partners, a study suggests, but nonetheless the surgery may have some public health benefits. The Times

HIV rates among gay men in some African countries are 10 times higher than among the general male population, says research in medical journal the Lancet. BBC News

Joint DoH and Home Office proposals, to be published later this year, raise the possibility of changing policy for non-UK residents with HIV. Guardian

How homophobia fuels Africa's AIDS crisis. Yahoo News

News Sat 11 - Fri 17 July

Research suggests women are naturally weaker to HIV. BBC News

GlaxoSmithKline to inject £60m into HIV and AIDS drugs in Africa. Daily Telegraph

Drug firms must allow the generic production of their HIV medication if the deaths of millions of people are to be avoided, British MPs warn. BBC News

News Sat 04 - Fri 10 July

World Aids experts say the failure to act upon 25-year-old evidence that male circumcision plays a major role in preventing transmission of the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) may have cost "millions of lives", especially in Africa. Guardian

America to remove HIV visa ban after Briton's protest. Guardian

New research hints that the social and sexual networks of black gay men, constrained by the preferences and attitudes of non-black gay men, may explain the risk of more rapid spread of HIV and higher sustained prevalence of HIV infection in black gay men. Reuters

Carla Bruni, the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has called upon the G8 leaders to increase their investment in HIV treatment for Africa as she spoke of her concern that women and children "tend to come last in line" when it comes to tackling the virus.Guardian Comment is Free

News Sat 27 - Fri 03 July

African women with HIV 'coerced into sterilisation'. Guardian

AIDS denial: A lethal delusion. New Scientist

Travellers in the US, UK and Germany could soon find themselves donating to the fight against Aids and malaria when they buy an airline ticket over the internet under a scheme to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for healthcare in poor countries. Financial Times

Terrence Higgins Trust is launching a new campaign to encourage gay men to get tested regularly for the virus. Pink News

News Sat 13 - Fri 19 June

An international HIV conference will be held in the US in 2012 – but only if the US removes its travel ban on HIV-positive travellers. AIDSmap

UN chief warns against cutting AIDS funding.Yahoo News

Offering a rapid HIV test as part of a general check-up at a GP could help to boost testing rates and is acceptable to patients, UK research suggests.GP

Letters: NAT and other charities write about the welfare bill. Guardian

News Sat 06 - Fri 12 June

New calls to tackle HIV risk ahead of 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Observer

'Timebomb' of Britons unaware they have HIV. The Times


Routine, opt-out HIV testing at GPs in the UK is feasible and acceptable to large numbers of patients a study suggests. AIDSmap

The number of new HIV infections among South African teenagers has dropped significantly, prompting hope that national efforts to tackle the epidemic have finally turned a corner. Daily Telegraph

News Fri 29 - Fri 05 June

The National Children's Bureau and NAT are lobbying MPs to tackle discrimination against school children with HIV after talks with central government broke down. Children and Young People Now

The Lancet attacks UK's 'extraordinary failure' on tackling HIV. Pink News

On 4 June, THT will launch a new advertising campaign aimed at helping gay men to identify HIV seroconversion illness - the flu-like symptoms which often accompany infection. Pink Paper

Young people 'less aware of HIV dangers'. Guardian

News Sat 23 - Fri 29 May

Charities launch guide on prosecutions for HIV transmission. Pink Paper

HIV vaccine researchers turn muscle into antibody factories. New Scientist

Why HIV drugs 'could stop virus spread'. BBC News

News Sat 16 - Fri 22 May

Scientists who have mapped HIV's spread across Europe say holidaymakers infected abroad are largely to blame. BBC News

Mouth swab that detects HIV in 20 minutes now available on NHS. Daily Mail

Comment: Sex education can help stop the rise of HIV in young gay men. Pink News

News Sat 09 - Fri 15 May

A man convicted of knowingly infecting an 82-year-old woman with HIV has been sentenced to three years in jail for breaching an order banning him from contacting people over the age of 60.Western Morning News

US gay men mostly getting HIV from main partners; minority of transmission from men with diagnosed HIV. AIDSmap

News Sat 02 - Fri 08 May

Mothers tell of living with HIV, as the number of pregnant women with the disease hits new high in Scotland.Sunday Herald

HIV patients at higher risk from flu, WHO says. Reuters

People living with HIV could soon monitor their own condition at home using a hand-held device, similar to ones used by diabetics.BBC

Britain has most new HIV cases in Europe. Metro

News Sat 25 - Fri 01 May

British devised test helps to narrow search for best AIDS vaccine. The Times

NAT Comment: It’s ignorance that must die if HIV is to be overcome. The Times

A man who alleged he was discriminated against because he was HIV positive has received £4,000 and an apology.BBC

Prudential will become the first mainstream insurer to offer life cover to people with HIV.Daily Telegraph


One of Wales' top sexual health doctors has warned that some patients with HIV are being denied treatment by GPs for everyday illnesses. BBC


News Sat 18 - Fri 24 April

Illegal drugs 'should be decriminalised to stop AIDS', warns the head of the influential Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Daily Telegraph

THT warn gay men living with HIV to check their US travel plans. Lesbian and Gay Foundation

Senegal's court of appeal has quashed January's convictions of nine men for homosexuality and ordered their immediate release. BBC

More than 100 Scots have been diagnosed as HIV positive in the first three months of this year, figures revealed yesterday. Press and Journal

Still no HIV cure, 25 years on. BBC

News Sat 11 - Fri 17 April

HIV patients should be given antiretroviral drugs earlier than currently recommended, according to a study. Nursing Times

GPs urged to cut rates of late HIV diagnosis. Healthcare Republic

Top four needs of people with HIV in the UK all related to mental health according to Sigma Research. AIDSmap

A singer from the German girl band No Angels has been arrested on suspicion of infecting a partner with HIV, a prosecutor's office has said. The Times

GSK and Pfizer pool resources for new strategy on HIV drugs. Daily Telegraph

News Sat 04 - Fri 10 April

A Canadian man was found guilty this weekend of murdering two women and sexually assaulting others by not warning them before having unprotected sex that he has HIV. Daily Telegraph

A new report released by Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) shows that some perceptions of HIV have not changed in the past 20 years. Pink News

PEPFAR has cut AIDS deaths by 10 percent in targeted African nations compared to their neighbours and saved more than a million lives, U.S. researchers said. Reuters

Study shows treatment for HIV should start earlier.Yahoo

News Sat 28 - Fri 03 April

Refused asylum seekers not entitled to free NHS treatment. Guardian

An inquiry is due to get under way into why hundreds of people were given contaminated blood which led to them becoming infected with HIV and hepatitis C. Nursing Times

News Sat 21 - Fri 27 March

Gay men were warned yesterday about the dangers of unprotected sex after the Health Protection Agency reported record levels of HIV infection over two years. Guardian

An MTV survey has found that 75% of young people are having unsafe sex by not using condoms. MTV

China is facing an epidemic of HIV infection, particularly among its gay population, as the government admitted that new cases had risen by 45 per cent in two years. Daily Telegraph

News Sat 14 - Fri 20 March

Pope?s attack on condoms sickens AIDS campaigners. The Times

A man who feared he might have caught HIV after breaking up a fight is to sue his former bosses for ?300,000. Fife Today

Letter about HIV positives and negatives. The Sun

News Sat 07 - Fri 13 March

Blood ban on gay men to be reviewed. Pink News

Kill the inflammation, kill the HIV? A cheap chemical may provide more protection for women against HIV. New Scientist

Discrimination against children and teachers with HIV continues in schools in the UK. Times Educational Supplement

Russia admits to its hidden heroin epidemic, which is driving other epidemics in the country, such as hepatitis C and HIV. The Independent

News Sat 28 - Fri 06 March

A male suspect has been arrested by police after complaints that a man with HIV had unprotected sex with a number of women. BBC

Doctors are failing to diagnose HIV in older patients, who are exposed to greater risk of infection as erectile dysfunction drugs extend their sex lives, according to a study published by the World Health Organization. Reuters

News Sat 21 - Fri 27 March

A horrific human tragedy': report criticises response to blood scandal.Guardian

Quest for effective HIV/Aids vaccine remains elusive 25 years on. The Times

News Sat 14 - Fri 20 February

GlaxoSmithKline pledges cheap medicine for world's poor. Guardian

Stonewall calls for an end to ban on gay men giving blood. Pink News

'Considerable rise' in HIV in Northern Ireland. Nursing Times

China official admit that AIDS is the number one killer infectious disease. The Independent

Young gay men are increasingly blasé about barebacking because charities are reluctant to condemn it. Guardian Comment is Free

News Sat 07 - Fri 13 February

Microbicide gels may help against HIV.Reuters

Doctors rid man of HIV with bone marrow transplant breakthrough.Independent, Nature

Government defends ban on gay men giving blood.Pink News

Russian activists call for end to restrictions on HIV positive visitors. Pink News

News Sat 31 - Fri 06 February

BBC Inside Out South East, reports on closures of local HIV support services in Brighton. BBC iPlayer

Some HIV-negative men in long term relationships with HIV-positive men have an antibody response in saliva which may inhibit HIV infection, report Swedish researchers. AIDSmap

Needle exchanges could be introduced to Scotland's prisons within months. The Herald

Home Office is failing HIV positive asylum seekers claims Crusaid. Pink News

News Sat 24 - Fri 30 January

Government withholding blood scandal evidence.The Guardian

The majority of gay men in the UK support the use of the criminal law to punish people who infect a sexual partner with HIV, a new report published by Sigma Research shows.AIDSmap

THT has said that the application of the criminal law in HIV transmission cases is poorly understood by some police officers.Pink News

In India a college sacks four hostel staff for testing positive for HIV.The Times of India

News Sat 10 - Fri 16 January

Lord Penrose has been appointed chairman of the public inquiry into why people were infected with Hepatitis C and HIV through contaminated NHS blood products. The Herald

An opinion piece in the Lancet questions whether there is a place for AIDS case reporting in 'resource-rich' countries. The Lancet (subscription need) Medical News Today

13 new cases of HIV were recorded in Cumbria during the first six months of 2008. Cumberland News

Colorado man accused of criminal father-to-child HIV transmission.Criminal HIV Transmission

Human rights group claims Senegal’s sodomy law criminalises HIV work.Pink News

AIDS battle burnishes Bush's legacy in Africa.International Herald Tribune

News Sat 27 - Fri 09 January

HIV charity campaigner, Nick Partridge, is given a knighthood. BBC

The number of African people who acquire their HIV infection in the UK (rather than in Africa) is greater than national surveillance data indicate, report researchers from University College London. AIDSmap

A tattooist whose dirty needles sparked an HIV scare among more than 150 adults and children has been fined £250.Manchester Evening News

Michel Sidibé is the new Executive Director of UNAIDS. UNAIDS

Edwin Cameron has been appointed to the Constitutional Court of South Africa by the country's President.Pink News

A young Papua New Guinea woman has been burnt to death. Police believe the girl was either accused of being a witch or that she had been blamed for infecting one of her killers with HIV.The Times