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Each week we produce a round-up of the latest news; below are last week's top stories.  News from previous weeks is available in our archive on the right. If you have seen a story relating to HIV in the news, please let us know.  If you work for an organisation supporting people living with HIV and/or affected communities and would like to join our Policy Network and receive a daily news briefing via email please contact

News Mon 08 - Fri 12 December

Study: HIV most often passed on by younger gay men who have not been diagnosed
HIV treatment study offers hope for prevention and contraction strategies
Controversial NHS patient data sharing pilot scheme may be delayed until 2015
Women are increasing HIV risk by drying their vaginas with bleach for better sex (Africa and Indonesia)
FEATURE-Transgender women left behind as tide turns in fight against HIV – TFRN (USA)

News Mon 01 - Fri 05 December

HIV evolving 'into milder form'
You will never believe how 28% of Brits think you can get HIV 
World Aids Day: the role of business in HIV/Aids treatment and education 
US panel fails to make recommendation on gay blood donors (USA)
CDC: Circumcision benefits outweigh risks (USA)

News Mon 24 - Fri 28 November

NHS urgently needs to make PrEP available, say HIV prevention organisations 
Politicians of all parties pledge to tackle HIV under the next government
Kieron Richardson: Hollyoaks HIV storyline will be 'massive'
European Parliament votes to protect LGBT people in global development (Europe)
Only three in 10 Americans have HIV under control: government report (USA)

News Mon 17 - Fri 21 November

One in eight gay and bisexual men in London living with HIV 
HIV positive mother conceives two babies naturally after being positive and her baby and husband are free of the virus 
Lord Fowler calls for decriminalisation of homosexuality around globe to fight aids
Over 6000 Dutch people don't know they have HIV (Holland)
The Upshot|AIDS Group Wages Lonely Fight Against Pill to Prevent HIV (USA)

News Mon 10 - Fri 14 November

Gay men 'should get anti-cancer jab'
More straight people than gay people being diagnosed with HIV in Kent
When should you tell someone you have a sexually transmitted infection?
Panel calls for easing ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men (USA)
Can twitter be a force against HIV discrimination? (Global)

News Mon 27 - Thu 30 October

´╗┐British schools deperately need same-sex sexual education
Peter Tatchell: The gay blood ban is medically unjustified discrimination
Free HIV tests offered by post from Derriford Hospital
BBC News
Middle-aged swingers' 'drug-fuelled orgies' fuelling rise in STIs (Holland)
Daily Mail
Human Rights Campaign endorses use of controversial HIV prevention drugs (USA)

News Mon 13 - Fri 17 October

´╗┐NHS to offer tablet which can reduce HIV risk by 90% (NAT mention)
The Independent
Immigrants, HIV and the true cost to the NHS: Should the 'International Health Service' be treating patients who come here with the killer disease, asks SUE REID
Mail Online
Schools to teach about sexually transmitted infections from 2016
So So Gay
Only 44 Percent of HIV-Diagnosed Latinos Are on Treatment (USA) HIV/AIDS Treatment News
Writing the Final Chapter on AIDS (Global)
Independent European Daily Express

News Mon 06 - Fri 10 October

Iain Duncan Smith wants to tax disability benefits
The Independent
Keep HIV-positive migrants out of Britain, says Ukip's Nigel Farage
The Guardian
HIV diagnoses in gay men hit record high, despite overall decline
Pink news
HIV stigma causing avoidable maternal deaths in South Africa, says Amnesty (South Africa)
The Guardian
How did 'the Berlin patient' become cured of HIV? (USA)
Washington Post

News Mon 22 - Fri 26 September

Gay and bisexual men in London face 'worsening' sexual health
Mumsnet piles pressure on Education Secretary over compulsory sex education
Pink News
HIV and black Africans in the UK
GP magazine
Only half of US HIV-diagnosed gay men got treatment in 2010, CDC says (USA)
The Guardian
Allowing blood donations from gay men could help save over a million lives (USA)
Reuters   (USA)

News Mon 15 - Fri 19 September

Thousands sexually abused in prison, study suggests
BBC News
The Guardian
Inclusive sex education is vital – and British schools aren't delivering it (NAT mention)
The Guardian
Gay Star News (Web)
Risk of sexual diseases increasing in over-40s
Daily Echo
Truvada has been called the 'miracle' HIV pill – so why is uptake so slow? (USA)
The Guardian
WHO: Russia's anti-gay laws hamper fight against HIV (Russia)