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Each week we produce a round-up of the latest news; below are last week's top stories.  News from previous weeks is available in our archive on the right. If you have seen a story relating to HIV in the news, please let us know.  If you work for an organisation supporting people living with HIV and/or affected communities and would like to join our Policy Network and receive a daily news briefing via email please contact

News Mon 18 - Fri 22 August

Let's talk about sex for the over 60s
Tories must support statutory sex education, says Thatcher's Health Minister
NHS England looks at expanding extractions to include 'sensitive' patient information
Belgian infant contracts HIV via breast milk (Belgium)
12 Ways to Give HIV Stigma a Well-Deserved Side Eye  (Global) 

News Mon 11 - Fri 15 August

Tory MP: 'Equalising blood laws is the next frontier for UK gay rights'
Drugs minister calls for legalising cannabis for medicinal use
Thousands could lose disability benefits, Scottish government claims
China airline sued for rejecting HIV carriers: report (China)
Military appeals court to hear Kansas HIV appeal (USA)

News Mon 04 - Fri 08 August

Exclusive: Heroin addicts to be given free foil to help them kick their habbit
Clinic issues HIV kits to men going to gay orgies
HIV drugs could help to prevent and treat MS, say scientists
Poor condom use common among gay, bisexual black men (USA)
New breast-feeding policy for HIV moms pays off (South Africa)

News Mon 28 - Fri 01 August

Gay Times Takes On Mainstream Media, But Produces 'Upsetting' Results On Drink And Drugs Culture
Safe drug substitute users rise dramatically in Northern Ireland
Decriminalise sex work to stop HIV, says Lord Fowler 
The 20th International AIDS Conference (Global)
Survey: Black youth twice as likely to prioritise fight against HIV/AIDS over same-sex marriage (USA)

News Mon 21 - Fri 25 July

Mid Essex CCG proposes IVF for HIV and cancer patients only
BBC News
Replacing Atos with another private provider will not solve flaws in disability benefits system MPs warn
The Independent
HIV is increasing in gay men in London because of lack of testing, comparative study finds
Want to rid the world of HIV? Then you can start by decriminalising prostitution (Global)
The Independent
Anti-gay laws will help global spread of HIV, claims global AIDS expert (Global)
The Independent

News Mon 14 - Fri 18 July

Study: A third of teenagers think they can't catch HIV through unprotected sex
BBC Newsbeat
Migrants must pay more to use NHS, say ministers 
BBC News
Home Office accessing NHS records to help track down illegal immigrants
The Guardian
World Health Organisation recommends that all gay men should take antiretroviral medicine to halt HIV epidemic (Global)
The Independent
One in SEVEN Australians with HIV don't know they have the virus as number of people diagnosed hits 20-year high (Australia)
Daily Mail

News Mon 07 - Fri 11 July

Complex needs and overlapping vulnerabilities frequently reported by 'high risk' gay men in Scotland
Sunday Mirror investigation reveals shocking rise of dangerous anabolic steroid use in Britain's gyms
Substantial proportion of male HIV infections labelled as 'heterosexual exposure' in UK probably due to sex with other men
HIV re-emerges in 'cured' Mississippi girl (USA)
BBC News
HIV home-tests ban lifted but patience required for an accurate result  (Australia)
The Guardian

News Mon 30 - Fri 04 July

Female Genital Mutilation Failure A 'National Scandal' Say MPs
Huffington Post UK
Drug-resistant pathogens are the world's biggest health crisis
Public Health England: 'Gay men disproportionately affected by ill-health
Herpes-2 To Blame For Rising HIV Infections Among Heterosexual users of non-injectable drugs (USA)
Medical Daily
Three babies 'CURED' of HIV after being given revolutionary vaccine in the first hours of their lives (Canada)
Daily Mail

News Mon 23 - Fri 27 June

Safe sex message fears after rise in STIs
Redditch Standard
Aids charities call for drug decriminalisation
The Independent (Web)
Data Sharing: HIV status and confidentiality
GP online
Study: Bisexual men 'most at risk' from sexually transmitted infections (USA)
High prevalence of risk behaviour means there's potential for worsening of HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs in Europe

News Mon 16 - Fri 20 June

ESA sickness benefit is 'failing', government documents say
BBC News
Older HIV patients 'need more support'
BBC News
UK Government rules out easing restrictions on gay men giving blood
Less Than Half of America Is Getting Tested for HIV. Here's Why (USA)
Huffington Post
Paediatric HIV Treatment Initiative Aims to Promote the Development and distribution of HIV medicines for children
International IP and the Public Interest

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